Popular African Clothing Brands – Top 10

Shopping for African Clothing?

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With eye catching designs from some of the best clothing brands in Africa, you’re bound to do just that!

African style is unique, it’s traditional yet hip, it’s bold, it’s proud, and best of all, it’s super stylish!

Here are Some of Our Favorite Outlets


Konga African Clothing Brand

House of Sarah 14

Houseofsarah14 African Clothing Brands

Kip Fashion

Kipfashion African Clothing Brands

Zabba Designs

Zabba Designs African Clothing Brand

Deal Afriq

Dealafriq African Clothing Brand


Zazaii African Clothing Brand

Africa Imports

Africaimports African Clothing Brand

Amazon Clothing

Best African Clothing Brand

10 Most Popular Clothing Brands Across Africa

Check out what brands the stylish people of Africa are wearing below.

Laurence Airline

Popular Clothing Brands in Africa - Top 10

No, it is not a bird, not an airplane but one of the largest clothing brands in Africa. Laurence Airline is a clothing brand that designs ready-to-wear pieces for men.

The designers of Laurencerairline combine the vibrant prints that embody the African culture with the sleekness associated with Parisians to create statement pieces that are as comfortable as they are fashionable.

Bold, vibrant, cultural, a kaleidoscope of colors are words that describe African fashion and the styles of the most popular African clothing brands.

Adriaan Kuiters

Adriaan Kuiters

If you are on the hunt for a unisex clothing brand in South Africa then Adrian Kuiters is the brand for you. The Adrian Kuiters brand takes pride in creating pieces that are sophisticated yet edgy.

Beautiful color combinations and innovative designs ensure that you can easily transform a day outfit to a night outfit. Sure sounds like a brand I would want to be in my closet.



Some ten years ago, Anna Ngann Yonn launched the Kreyann’ Brand. Ten years later her creativity and attention today have made the Kreyann Brand one of the top brands in Cameroon and the international fashion world.

The Kreyann clothing brand designs clothing pieces for the ultimate, fashion-conscious woman.

The pieces of the Kreyann brand dare, seduce and encourage women to be their best selves. The glamour and timelessness of each design continue to put the Kreyann brand on runways across the world.

Deola Sagoe

Deola Sagoe

Deola Sagoe is the queen of haute couture fashion and is one of the top clothing brands in Nigeria. Her unique gift of bringing out elements of the African culture in her designs has made her a celebrated fashion designer worldwide.

Rich hues, unique designs and elegance are characteristics of the brand Deola Sagoe. Her clientele includes personalities like Oprah Winfrey and Will Smith.

Loin Clothes and Ashes

Loin Clothes and Ashes

Loin Cloth & Ashes is one of the clothing brands loved by the quintessential African woman. Modern women who want to look stylish and edgy as they go about their daily business prefer this clothing brand.

Inspired by architecture, culture and history, Loin Cloth & Ashes create timeless and achingly beautiful pieces.

But these designs come from Malembo Mpungwe, the first black woman to win the Elle New Talent Show, so what else do you expect?

Saffron by Pooja Jeshang

Saffron by Pooja Jeshang

Shortly before leaving university Jeshang launched her clothing brand Saffron at the Swahili Fashion Week. This happened in 2011.

Six years later and the Saffron label is one of the top clothing brands in Africa, The Sffron brand consists of ready to wear pieces and evening wear. Jeshang also designs for both woman and children.

Jeshang uses digital illustrations and textile prints to distinguish her brand from others. Add the inspiration she gets from the African culture and from other cultures across the world and what we get is a clothing brand that grabs the attention of just about everyone.

Orange Culture

Orange Culture

The owner of the Orange Culture brand has been designing before everybody else on the list. At the age of 10 Adebaye Oke-Lawal was already comfortable with the sewing machine.

It is only fair that he has one of the top clothing brands in Africa. Orange Culture is the brand with unique menswear.

In his designs, Oke-Lawal goes against the norms using colors and styles not normally associated with menswear.

Oke-Lawal creatively combines Africans love for colors and prints with western styles to make the most dapper designs.



Making women feel “bold, sophisticated, feminine and brilliant” is the mission of the LDA clothing brand owned by Lanre Da Silva Ajayi.

The brand creates outstanding day wear, evening wear, gowns and cocktail dresses for women all over the globe.

Da Silva Ajayi skilful use of vivid colors, patterns and print to create fluid, classy and exquisite pieces brings her celebrity clients and features in top magazines.

These magazines include L’Uomo Vogue, Vogue Black, ARISE Magazine, Daily Mail and Essence.com.

Eskado Bird

Eskado Bird

Tanzania continues to produce talented fashion designers. One of the top designers and owner of the clothing brand Eskado Bird is Doreen Estazia Noni.

In 2008, Noni rocked the fashion world with, a turquoise and pink Kitenge fabric dress, the first official design under her brand.

Today, her brand Eskado Bird is one of the top clothing brands on the continent.

Now women from Tanzania and all over Africa race to add her brand to their personal collection. Inspiration from music, films, nature are some the things that ensures that she continuously design pieces that are eye-catching and of the highest quality.



It all started with a problem, Laduma Ngxokolo wanted to find the perfect wear for young Xhosa men after their initiation. The traditional clothing was made by knitting so in 2010 Laduma developed the MaXhosa By Laduma knitwear.

He incorporated beadwork patterns and symbolism with knitting. This transformed his original designs into knitwear appreciated by just about everyone.

Maxhosa is now one of the top unisex clothing brands in Africa.

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  1. I love what was mentioned about African style and how it is traditional yet hip. I love the bright colors of African designs. My girlfriend wants an African print skirt, so I’ll find the best seller in town.

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