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  • best athletes from mozambique

    Best Athletes from Mozambique – Top 10

    We took a look at the best athletes from Mozambique and compiled a list of the ten who made the biggest impact. Mozambique is a beautiful country, with a long coastline along the Indian Ocean, blessed with beautiful beaches like Tofo, and beautiful offshore marine parks. A nation of now almost 29 million people, Mozambique […] More

  • Hassan II mosque in Casablanca

    Top 10 Beautiful Mosques in Morocco

    We take a look at the beautiful mosques in Morocco. Morocco truly is a beautiful country, with panoramic view ranging from the snow-covered peaks in the High Atlas mountain region to the never ending sand dunes of the Sahara, no person has ever gotten bored of this beautiful country. More

  • Sudanese boy names - mother holding her son
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    Most Popular Sudanese Boy Names – Top 10

    There are some very unique and amazing Sudanese boy names. Filled with meaning and soul, below you’ll find some of the more common and popular boy names in Sudan, ones that you may have already heard of; and others that may have you wondering if you should name your kid that. More

  • Ethiopian Soccer Star Saladin Said

    Best Ethiopian Athletes – Top 10 Across Different Sports

    Ethiopians love sports and will only continue to produce better athletes as the foundations for the different sports get better and better in the country. Famous for long distance running, but as you’re about to find out in this article, Ethiopians succeed in many other sports as well! More

  • Cathedral Church of Christ, Lagos

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    Most Beautiful Churches in Nigeria – Top 7

    Nigeria is the most populated country in Africa. It has over 182 million people. The Nigerian people are very religious and spend a lot of time visiting churches or other places of worship to pray. There are a lot of churches in Nigeria. The country saw a significant growth in places to worship over the past 20 years also. There are churches representing Roman Catholic, Protestant, Eastern orthodox, as well as other Christian types. More