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Former Kansas City Chiefs linebacker now rising afrobeat recording artist Tamba Hali hits our site today to release his highly anticipated music video “Puna Ni Ni” featuring Pillz. The video takes fans to Liberia where Tamba began his life, prior to fleeing at Age 8 due to the civil war that took place for 16 years. Returning to the country for the music video was monumental as he was able to re-connect with his people and dance to the overwhelming afrobeat production.

When asked about the making of the video, Tamba reveals “We made this video in the toughest part of Liberia, the heart of the country. I was able to connect with the locals and vibe with my countrymen and never felt threaten. Being around the locals and feeling how they embraced me was the best part about making this video.”

Tamba has a beautiful music history of touching on themes of love and lust, with feel good afro-Caribbean vibes. He displayed this in his latest project The Tamba Juice EP which was released back in June and includes his hit release “Oh My Gawd.” It is no surprise “Puna Ni Ni” is next level. Stay tuned because Tamba Hali has a lot more up his sleeve.


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