fun facts about kenya

12 Interesting Facts About Kenya

Kneyans pass down traditions and beliefs in the form of stories, songs and poems. Story telling or reciting poems is an important part of every Kenya event, fromweddings to funerals. In the evenings, children gather to listen to supernatural or moral stories from their parent. Oral tradition is so ingrained in Kenyansthat they sing as they work on the farm, do housework and other daily activities.

Fun Facts About Zambia

12 Interesting Facts About Zambia

Even though the country has had some western influences, paying lobola or bride price is still a common practice. When a man and woman decide to get married, several meetings are arranged between the bride to be parents and the potential groom’s go-between or Shibukombe. After several meetings, the go-between pays the family of the woman the lobola. In the olden days, cattle would be accepted but now families prefer that the lobola be cash. The lobola signifies that the man is grateful to the parents for growing the woman.

Fun Facts About Uganda

12 Interesting Facts About Uganda

By law, vehicles are supposed to drive on the left-hand side of the road in Uganda. One would however, advise you to be careful as foreign motorists who have traveled on Ugandan road advise that Ugandans do not heed to this rule. The drive on the side which suits them the most or in the middle. The roads of the capital city especially can be very crazy so be extremely cautious if you plan to drive anywhere in Uganda.

Fun Facts About Algeria

12 Interesting Facts About Algeria

A large per cent of the country’s earnings comes from its exportation of hydrocarbons. Algeria is the sixth largest exporter of natural gas and has the 10 largest natural gas reserve in the world. Algeria’s significant revenue from its fossil fuels export classifies the country as an upper middle income country.


10 Mysterious Monsters of Africa

Africa is rich with tales of mysterious creatures. Oral tradition is strong on the continent, and these are the ten mysterious monsters that still live on.

fun facts about gambia

11 Interesting Facts About Gambia

Some persons collect dolls, others collect postcards but the former Gambian President collects titles. The Gambian President Yahya Jammeh ever since taking office gave to himself a number of titles. There is no explanation of the Sheikh title but it is alleged that the President bestowed upon himself Professorship after saying that he found the cure for AIDS and several other diseases. The Doctor title he assumed after being awarded an honorary Doctor of Civil Laws by the Canadian St Mary’s University in Halifax in 1999. Succeeding presidents also have to take on these titles therefore the official title of a Gambian president is Sheikh Professor Doctor President.

Best National Football Teams in African History

Best National Football Teams in African History – Top 10 Most Successful

As early as the 1950s, Ghana had a national football team representing them in the international association of football. Governed by the Ghana Football Association, the oldest football association in Africa, the Ghana national football team is most popularly known as the Black Stars. They get their name from the Black Star of Africa in the Ghanaian flag.

Yaya Toure- Richest African Footballers Ever

Richest African Footballers Ever – Top 10

Ghanaian Suleyman Ali “Sulley” Muntari currently plays as a central midfielder for Italian club Pescara. At the age of 16, Munatri was already a part of the Ghana under-20 team. This team finished in second place at the 2001 FIFA World Youth Championship in Argentina, losing out to Argentina in the final. After this he joined the Italian team Udinese.

Hottest Actors In South Africa Top 10

Hottest Actors in South Africa – Top 10

Sdumo Mtshali, in 2010, won the first season of the SABC1 reality competition Class Act, in 2010 and immediately shot to fame. With his victory came many spoils. Later in the year, SABC1 casted him in the leading role in their drama series, Intersexions.


Must See Places When Visiting Egypt – Top 10

Remember that life is not the amount of breaths you take but the moments that take your breath away. Live life and take that trip to Egypt. Do not forget to send me a postcard.  A Postcard? Do people still send postcards?

Most Popular African Clothing Brands - Top 10

Popular African Clothing Brands – Top 10

Shopping for African Clothing? Ready to walk into a room and turn heads? With eye catching designs from some of the best clothing brands in Africa, you’re bound to do just that! African style is unique, it’s traditional yet hip, it’s bold, it’s proud, and best of all, it’s super stylish! Here are Some of […]

Best Novels About Africa

Best Novels About Africa – Top 10

Feast on the best novels about Africa. Half of a Yellow Sun, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie (2006) “Among the Igbo the art of conversation is regarded very highly, and proverbs are the palm-oil with which words are eaten.” ― Chinua Achebe, Things Fall Apart Written by author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Half of a Yellow Sun was published […]

African Literature - Must Read Books

Best African Literature – Top 10 Must Read Books

Ghanaian writer Ayi Kwei Armah disrupted the African literary world with his first novel The Beautiful Ones are Not Yet Born in 1968. Initially published by Houghton Mifflin, literary giants, Heinemann African Writers Series republished it in 1969. The story gives us a unique perspective on the Ghana that emerged after independence.

African Best Entertainment Website

Best African Entertainment Websites – Top 10

Nairaland prides itself on collecting and presenting the best and most up-to-date news to Nigerians at home and abroad. The work of Nairaland’s editing team has made it one of the best entertainment sites on the continent.

The Most Popular African TV Shows

Most Popular African TV Shows – Top 10

Feeling bored? Here are ten of the most popular African TV Shows to keep you entertained. Look them up and join the conversation. Another Must Read: Top 10 African Movie Directors Most Popular African TV Shows – Top 10 The Wild – South Africa The Wild is one of Africa’s TV shows that gives viewers a […]

The Best African Movies of All Time - Top 10

Best African Movies of All Time – Top 10 Must See

The African continent is home to the Nollywood, the third largest movie industry in the world, the South African and Kenyan cinemas and Gollywood. It is only fair that they will produce some of the best African movies of all time. Eat some popcorn as you peruse this list and hopefully check out a couple […]

Most Common Diseases in Africa

10 Most Common Diseases in Africa

Traveling to a country in Africa anytime soon? Make sure the following things are in your suitcase: Mosquito Repellents – Mosquito borne diseases are very common in Africa Prophylactics – HIV/AID prevalence on the the continent is no joke. Filter – Do not drink dirty water Vaccines – While these may not be able to […]

Books Every South African Should Read

10 Books Every South African Should Read

Whenever you read a good book, somewhere in the world a door opens to allow in more light. – Vera Nazarian Here are some books that will offer much in sight in to the history of South Africa and its people. Books Every South African Should Read – Top 10 #10 – Selected Stories: Nadine […]

Tallest Buildings In Africa Which One Is The Biggest

Tallest Buildings in Africa – Top 10

The minaret of the Hassan II Mosque or the Grande Mosque allows the mosque to be the second tallest of all buildings in Africa. At 210 meters and 60 storeys tall, the minaret is the tallest religious structure in the world.

Bizarre Animals in Africa

Weird Animals – Top 10 Bizarre African Animals

Aardvarks looks like small pigs with just longer snouts, don’t you think? Their name in Africaans means “earth pig.” They have body parts found on pigs, kangaroos, rabbits but genetically they are not linked to any of these animals. It is however related to the tenrec.

Africa's Top Fahion Designers

African Fashion Designers – Top 10

African fashion designers are making waves on the international fashion scene. They are choosing to put a modern spin on traditional African fabrics and accessories. Their well-crafted pieces are in demand all over the world and are favorites of celebrities like Michelle Obama and Lupita Nyong’o. Here are ten of Africa’s top designers who are […]

Greatest African Leaders

10 Greatest African Leaders Who Inspired Us

Countries in Africa have had good and bad leaders in their history. This list consists of ten of the greatest leaders that the continent has ever seen. Related: 10 African Heroes You Should Know About During their tenures, they fought for the freedom of their respective countries, they worked to boost the economy and improve the […]

Richest African Musicians

Richest African Musicians – Top 10

Black Coffee is the hottest DJ in South Africa at the moment. He has made a name for himself on the international scene with his electronic dance albums. His album Africa Rising was certified double platinum in 2012.

Best African Cities Towns Most Beautiful Cities In Africa

Best African Cities & Towns – 25 Most Beautiful Cities in Africa

Lagos is said to be Nigeria’s largest and richest city. Lagos was the capital of Nigeria up until 1972. Today Lagos is a very bustling city that is home to a number of large corporations. Actors and musicians who want to make it in the music or film industry usually journey to this city.

Watamu - The 10 Most Beautiful Beaches in Africa

Most Beautiful Beaches in Africa – Top 10

They say Sidi Bou Said is a tourist trap but its beach could keep me ransom any day. The calm blue water of the Mediterranean bordered by the whitest of sands is known for its beauty worldwide.

Most Renowned Nigerian Celebrities

Most Renown Nigerian Celebrities – Top 10

Bùkólá Asa Elemide’s incredible voice has made her one of Nigeria’s most renowned celebrities. Born in France and raised in Nigeria, Asa was inspired by the likes of Fela Kuti and Bob Marley.

Top 10 Most Beautiful Actresses in Tanzania

Most Beautiful Tanzanian Actresses – Top 10

Tanzanian actress, film writer and producer Jennifer Kyaka used her smile to enamour herself to Tanzanians when she first burst onto the acting scene in 2005. She is now a household name in Tanzania and is very in demand for acting roles.

East African Countries List

East African Countries – Guide to East Africa

The East African country of Ethiopia is the most populous landlocked country in the world with over 100 million people. The small agriculture sector employs 85% of the population. Crops produced for export include coffee and cereals.

15 Best African Singers (Heard Around the Globe!)

Powerhouse Bulelwa Mkutukana, better known as Zahara, shook the foundations of the South African music scene when she released her first album titled Loliwe. Loliwe sold out within three days and in nineteen days was certified double platinum by the South African Recording Industry.

Richest Black Women In The World List On Afrikanza

10 Richest Black Women in the World

The women on this list have broken all records and went against the odds to become the 10 richest black women in the world. Find out which ones made the cut.

African Lnaguages

10 Most Commonly Spoken Languages in Africa (Surprising)

The Yoruba language is spoken mainly throughout West Africa. However, no two regions speak the Yoruba language in the same manner. The language is tonal with nasal pronunciations. The development of this language is said to have had some Arabic influences. Its vocabulary consists of words borrowed from Arabic.

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