Most Beautiful African Flags – Top 10

10Flag of Mozambique

The continent of Africa has 54 independent countries with some of the most beautiful flags. The flag of each country perfectly captures the history of the people and the hopes that they have for a brighter tomorrow. Here is a list of the 10 most beautiful flags on the African continent:

The flag of Mozambique is designed with three stripes of equal width. The top horizontal stripe is green; the second stripe is black and bordered above and below by a thin white stripe and the third stripe is yellow. On the left side of the flag, is a red isosceles triangle that is drawn horizontally so that it points to the center of the flag. Drawn in the center of the triangle is a five-point start with part of the country’s coat of arm on it. Another interesting detail is a Kalashnikov assault rifle (AK-47) and a hoe crossed over an opening book.

The red on the flag represents the nation’s struggle for independence. The yellow symbolizes the country’s rich mineral deposits and the green represents the lushness of the land. Black represents the African continent and the white is a symbol for peace. The five-pointed star is a symbol for Socialism and internationalism. The open book symbolizes the importance of education to the growth and development of the nation. The Kalashnikov assault rifle shows that the people of Mozambique are vigilant and will defend their rights and freedom. Lastly, the hoe encapsulates the country’s peasantry and agriculture.

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