Best African Movies of All Time – Top 10 Must See

The African continent is home to the Nollywood, the third largest movie industry in the world, the South African and Kenyan cinemas and Gollywood. It is only fair that they will produce some of the best African movies of all time. Eat some popcorn as you peruse this list and hopefully check out a couple of them.

Best African Movies of All Time – Top 10 Must See


The Best African Movies of All Time - Top 10

Directed by one of Africa’s best film director, Ousmane Sembène, one expects nothing but an engaging and provoking film and he delivered. In 2016, 177 critics around the world ranked Moolaadé (2004) among the 100 greatest films since 2000. The glowing critiques received by Moolade make it one of the best African movies of all time.

Filmed in Djerrisso, Burkina Faso, Moolaadé strongly opposes female genital mutation. Moolaadé depicts the theme through Collé, a village woman who opposes the practice of female genital mutilation. She uses Moolaadé, a magical protection, to protect her daughter and four other village girls despite the strong opposition she faced from the villagers.


Guelwaar is a 1993 French/Senegalese film written and directed by film director, Ousmane Sembène. At the 49th annual Venice International Film Festival in 1992, the film won film won The President of the Italian Senate’s Gold Medal.

Set in Senegal, the film brought suspense with the mysterious murder of a district leader. The mystery eventually began to unravel when the family of the district leader gathered at his funeral. With such an intriguing storyline, the film made the list of the best African movies of all time.




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