Best Athletes from Mozambique – Top 10

10Martinho Martins Mukana – Paito

We took a look at the best athletes from Mozambique and compiled a list of the ten who made the biggest impact. Mozambique is a beautiful country, with a long coastline along the Indian Ocean, blessed with beautiful beaches like Tofo, and beautiful offshore marine parks.

A nation of now almost 29 million people, Mozambique has produced some quality athletes over the years. During the colonial era it was under Portuguese rule, which will explain the Portugal connection to a lot of the athletes below.

Note: We do not support the colonial-era or condone anything that was done by making this list. We simply chose athletes born in Mozambique that became the most known.


Martinho Martins Mukana, better known as Paito is a Mozambican professional soccer player, he plays left back. He was born in Maputo and began his pro career at Sporting Clube de Portugal. Paito began to represent Mozambique on the national level at the early age of 20. He played in the 2002 COSAFA Cup, 2003 COSAFA Cup, 2006 FIFA World Cup qualifiers, 2004 COSAFA Cup, and the 2008 Africa Cup of Nations qualifiers.

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