Tallest Buildings in Africa - Top 10

Tallest Buildings In Africa Which One Is The Biggest

As the countries in Africa becomes more advanced, the number of skyscrapers across the continent increase. You may find a skyscraper juxtaposed with shanties but this is just a part of the development of Africa. Bask in the chance to enjoy modernization and the rustic charm the continent has to offer. This list presents ten of the tallest buildings in Africa.

88 On Field, Durban

88 On Field, Durban Height: 147m/482 ft 88 on Field got the title of Durban’s tallest building with its opening in 1985, how it is now relegated to second place. Rising to 482 ft, 88 on Field has 26 floors. Six elevators take visitors to the building up to the 21st floor. If you want to go a bit higher, there are two glass shuttle elevators to transport you between the 21st and 24th floors. Guess you have to take the stairs for the other two floors.

Met Life Center, Cape Town

Height: 150m/490 ft Located in the City Bowl area of Cape Town, the Met Life Center reaches up to 490 ft. Visitors to the building and renters of office space get to look out over the Table Mountain. It has 28 stories and its prime location in the city make it a desirable office space. It also has a spiral antenna on its roof that measures 22 meters tall.

South African Reserve Bank Building, Pretoria

Height: 150m/490 ft The South Africa Reserve Bank building is a glass tower located in Pretoria, South Africa. Upon its opening in 1988, it became the first flushed-glazed glass tower block in the Southern Hemisphere. Its curtain wall design, black glass and Rustenburg granite facade make it an architectural masterpiece in Pretoria. It is also the tallest building in the city.

Pearl Dawn, Durban

Height: 152m/499ft In 2010, Pearl Dawn officially opened its doors to allow persons to purchase living space on any of its 31 floors. If you can imagine a building that looks like it belongs in a futuristic movie, Pearl Dawn may be just what you imagine. Architects of the Pearl Dawn residential building gave it a very futuristic design. If that is not enough, the Pearl Dawn residential building gives its residents an unadulterated view of the Pacific Ocean.

Marble Towers, Johannesburg

Height: 152m/499ft Originally known as the Sanlam Center, Marble Towers is a skyscraper in Johannesburg, South Africa. Built in 1973, the 32 story's tall building provides office spaces for businesses in Johannesburg. With so many story's, one can see why architects attached an 8-story parking garage to the building. That building surely sees a lot of traffic

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PSPF Commercial Towers, Dar Es Salaam

Height: 152m/501ft Dar es Salaam, Tanzania has its fair share of skyscrapers but PSPF Commercial Towers are the tallest of all. If you are in Dar es Salaam and looking for the perfect place to open a business this might be it. Each tower reaches up to 152 meters and has 35 floors. Construction of the towers began in 2011 and did not end until 2014.

NECOM House, Lagos

Height: 160m/520ft The NETCOM House is more than just a skyscraper. It has a communication sphere at the top which serves as a lighthouse beacon for boats/ships approaching the Lagos Harbor. NECOM House itself is the home of NITEL, a telecommunications company in Lagos, Nigeria. With 32 storey building and measuring 160 meters tall, it is one of the tallest buildings in Africa and the tallest building in Nigeria.

Ponte City Apartments, Johannesburg

Height: 173 m/568ft The Ponte City Apartments is one of the tallest buildings in Africa. Reaching to 173 m and having 54 storeys, Ponte City Apartments is the tallest residential skyscraper in Africa. Ponte City Apartments also has the largest sign in the Southern Hemisphere. Persons looking to take up residence in the Berea, Johannesburg, just might find themselves here. A good selling point for this building built in 1973 is that it is cylindrical in shape and has an open center which allows more natural light into the apartments. Perfect for taking selfies, don’t you think? An even more desirable characteristic of this building is that it gives residents an uninterrupted view of the landscape and surrounding environs of Johannesburg.

Hassan II Mosque, Casablanca

Height: 210m/690ft The minaret of the Hassan II Mosque or the Grande Mosque allows the mosque to be the second tallest of all buildings in Africa. At 210 meters and 60 storeys tall, the minaret is the tallest religious structure in the world. A laser light sits atop the minaret to point Muslims in the direction of Mecca. Tiles that graduate from green to turquoise decorate the facade of the minaret making it one of the most aesthetically appeasing structures in Morocco.

Carlton Center, Johannesburg

Height: 223m/732ft What is the best way to get to the very top of Africa? Easy, just go to the floor at the top of the Carlton Center known as the Top of Africa. Standing at 223 meters high and with 50 floors, the Carton Center allows visitors to the building to enjoy an uninterrupted view of Johannesburg in all its splendor. Construction of the tallest building in Africa began in 1967 and did not end until 1974. The Carlton Center is a major tourist attraction in Johannesburg, so the next time you are walking on making on gold, remember to stop at Carlton Center.

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