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  • Interesting Facts About Libya
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    11 Interesting Facts About Libya

    Libya is a North African country within the Sahara desert steeped in history. It is the fourth largest country in Africa with a population of 6.4 million people. Learn more about this fascinating country with these 11 interesting facts. More

  • Interesting Facts About Mozambique
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    12 Interesting Facts About Mozambique

    Mozambique is a Portuguese-speaking country with some of the world’s most pristine wildlife parks and beautiful serene beaches. Its people have a rich culture and wonderful cuisine. There is so much to learn about Mozambique and these 12 amazing facts are just but a tip of the iceberg. More

  • Interesting Facts About Morocco
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    12 Interesting Facts About Morocco

    Morocco is the only kingdom remaining in the entire North Africa. It is one of the only two countries in the world that share both Mediterranean and Atlantic Ocean. These are just but a few of the 12 interesting facts about Morocco, which we have provided in this article that you ought to know. More

  • Interesting Facts About Madagascar
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    13 Interesting Facts About Madagascar

    Madagascar is a large island country with a unique biodiversity. It is a melting pot of Afro-Australasian cultures. There is so much that you ought to know about Madagascar. We could only afford to pick 13 facts just to give you a glimpse of this fascinating land. More

  • Interesting Facts About Mali
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    11 Interesting Facts About Mali

    Mali is a country with a long history and great ancient civilization. The best way to understand West Africa’s heritage is to know about Mali. In this article, we have provided 11 interesting facts about Mali that serves as a stepping-stone to learning more about Mali. More

  • Interesting Facts About Malawi
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    12 Interesting Facts About Malawi

    If you are looking for a country in Africa to learn about, Malawi “the warm heart of Africa”, should interest you. Home of the world’s first freshwater national park, Malawi has much to its history and beauty. Discover more about Malawi with these 12 fascinating facts. More

  • Interesting Facts About Liberia
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    12 Interesting Facts About Liberia

    Liberia is the country of origin of popular media queen and philanthropist, Oprah Winfrey. It is also the second largest black republic and home of spectacular beaches. Read these 12 facts about Liberia. More

  • Samuel Matete
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    10 Best Zambian Athletes

    Zambia has had many great athletes, some who are still living legends. These are athletes across a number of sports such as boxing, football, tennis, and athletics. Here are ten among the many that Zambia has to offer. More

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