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  • Most Corrupt Countries in Africa

    Corruption in Africa – Top 10 Most Corrupt Countries

    Corruption is natural as breathing in Somalia. Citizens and businesses have to function in an unstable political climate. Businesses exploit the citizens and give bribes to governments officials so that they turn a blind eye to their illegal practices. More

  • Kwame-Nkrumah

    10 of the Greatest African Leaders

    10 of the Greatest African Leaders Countries in Africa have had good and bad leaders in their history. This list consists of 10 of the greatest leaders that the continent has ever seen. During their tenures, they fought for the freedom of their respective countries, they worked to boost the economy and improve the lives […] More

  • Democratic Republic of Congo Poverty

    Poorest Countries in Africa – Top 10

    DRC’s citizens should be adorned in diamonds and living in luxury but instead they are among the poorest in the world. The DRC is rich in natural resources having some of the largest deposits of coltan, cobalt, diamond and copper. More

  • charles-taylor
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    Worst African Dictators & Leaders – Top 10

    Crazy dictators are no stranger to history and the African continent seemed to as had its own share. Nguema ordered the death of those who wore spectacles so much so that at the end of his rule almost all of the educated class had either been executed or forced into exile.He even had members of his own family killed. What had he been smoking? More