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  • Most Popular African Clothing Brands - Top 10

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    Popular African Clothing Brands – Top 10

    Laurence Airline No, it is not a bird, not an airplane but one of the largest clothing brands in Africa. Laurence Airline is a clothing brand that designs ready-to-wear pieces for men. The designers of Laurencerairline combine the vibrant prints that embody the African culture with the sleekness associated with Parisians to create statement pieces […] More

  • Africa's Top Fahion Designers



    African Fashion Designers – Top 10

    African fashion designers are making waves on the international fashion scene. They are choosing to put a modern spin on traditional African fabrics and accessories. Their well-crafted pieces are in demand all over the world and are favorites of celebrities like Michelle Obama and Lupita Nyong’o. Here are ten of Africa’s top designers who are […] More