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  • Victoria Falls

    Top 10 Must See Places When Visiting Zimbabwe

    From Victoria Falls to the pools of Northern Zimbabwe, there are many natural and man-made Africa tourist spots that can be found in Zimbabwe, a country also known as the jewel of Africa. Here are ten that will amaze you. More

  • Livingston
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    10 Most Beautiful Holy Places in Malawi

    Beautiful churches are not only in the papacy or in Europe. There are some impressive religious structures in Malawi. We have presented ten beautiful churches, mosques, missions and temples for your reading pleasure. More

  • Alexandria

    Must See Places When Visiting Egypt – Top 10

    Remember that life is not the amount of breaths you take but the moments that take your breath away. Live life and take that trip to Egypt. Do not forget to send me a postcard.  A Postcard? Do people still send postcards? More

  • Cathedral Church of Christ, Lagos

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    Most Beautiful Churches in Nigeria – Top 7

    Nigeria is the most populated country in Africa. It has over 182 million people. The Nigerian people are very religious and spend a lot of time visiting churches or other places of worship to pray. There are a lot of churches in Nigeria. The country saw a significant growth in places to worship over the past 20 years also. There are churches representing Roman Catholic, Protestant, Eastern orthodox, as well as other Christian types. More

  • Mauritius - The Sallest Countries in Africa - Top 10

    9 Smallest Countries in Africa

    The Democratic Republic of Sao Tome consists of two main islands, Sao Tome and Principe surrounded by a group of smaller islands. Portuguese is the language of its 192, 993 inhabitants. It is the second smallest country in Africa and the smallest Portuguese speaking country in the world. More

  • Watamu - The 10 Most Beautiful Beaches in Africa

    Most Beautiful Beaches in Africa – Top 10

    They say Sidi Bou Said is a tourist trap but its beach could keep me ransom any day. The calm blue water of the Mediterranean bordered by the whitest of sands is known for its beauty worldwide. More

  • Libreville Gabon

    Cleanest African Cities – Top 11

    Windhoek is the capital and economic center of Namibia. The government hires cleaning companies to keep the cities and suburbs clean and to distribute garbage bags to the residents of the city. More