Top 10 Beautiful Churches, Mosques and Monasteries in Togo

Togo is a small West African country whose citizens are deeply religious. The three top-most religions are African Traditional Religion (mainly Voodoo), Christianity and Islam. Certainly, there are plenty of places for religious worship. We have compiled top 10 of these places of worship for you.

10. Voodoo sites

Togo is predominantly a voodoo cultural nation. More than 50% of the population practices voodoo. Voodoo is a traditional form of African religion that is mostly polytheistic. It is characterized by rituals and worshipping of ancestral spirits.

Unlike other traditions, Voodoo practices do not require temples. Thus, you cannot find a voodoo temple in Togo. However, there are shrines, which are characterized by placing an image of one’s deities in a special locality. This locality could be a cave, under a baobab tree, a room in a house, a small hut, etc. Voodoo practitioners are not overly concerned with the structure of their place of worship but the gods they have.

Almost the entire West Africa is famous for the practices of voodoo. However, Togo and Benin remain steeped in voodoo religion such that most of those who profess Christian and Muslim faith still practices voodoo. It is hard to distinguish them since voodoo has no temples where you will see them attending.

The only prominent places for voodoo are the traditional fetish markets where you will witness all sorts of voodoo paraphernalia on display.

Vodoo ceremonies are extremely spectacular. They are not only vibrant but also colorful and entertaining.

9. Ahmadiyya Kpalime Mosque- Kpalime, Togo

Ahmadiyya Kpalime Mosque

Kpalme is a small town in the southwestern part of Togo. It is surrounded by busy coffee and cocoa plantations. This makes it a serene site for meditation and reflection.

Ahmadiyya Kpalme Mosque was built in 2016. It has the style of a modern bungalow with walls painted in creamy color and green-colored corrugated iron sheets rooftop.

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8. Grande Mosquee

Grande Mosquee

Grande Mosquee is the largest mosque in Lome, Togo.  It is established near a bus station. It has an expansive acreage with space enough for quiet meditation. It offers sanctuary away from the busy noisy streets and welcomes everyone including non-muslims. This is a place to take a fresh breath while you relax after trekking the city streets.

The building itself is a two-storied building with two minarets and great décor. There is an exterior staircase at the foot of the minaret where people can climb up to the upper chambers.

The lower chamber is used for prayers while the upper chamber is multipurpose – a place for meetings, the madrassa (Muslim classrooms), and other social activities. The upper chamber offers a high ground from which you can have panoramic view of the beautiful surroundings.

7. Evangelical Presbyterian Church in Lome

Although the Roman Catholic church established early roots in Togo, thanks to early German missionaries, other churches have come up to offer spiritual nourishment to the population.

One such old Togo church is the Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Togo. It was established in 1893 by the Bremen Mission, which was actively working in the Volta region. It was the most active non-Roman church in that period. The building is characterized by antique furniture that tells its authentic beauty.

Its building has the shape of a train wagon with a door at its frontal width. It has a giant minaret-like structure atop the roof near the door. Its walls are painted in creamy yellow colors. It has a modest yet beautifully unique architecture.

So far, it is the largest and oldest non-Roman Catholic Church in Togo.

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6. Agbang Conventual Priory

Agbang Conventual Priory

The Monastery Church at Agbang was consecrated in August 2016. It is part of the Kara Diocese. It was funded through donations from Benedictine Mission House in Schuler, among other international friends from Switzerland and Germany. The monastery itself was established in 1985.

Constructed in a pristine environment, the Church building is a two-storied roundish building with most of the walls being occupied by large glass windows. It has red-bricked tiles for roofing.

The background is a rural setup leading to monastery farm with a variet of crops and animals. Here you can experience a life free from stressful daily hassles.

5. Benedictine Abbey of the Ascension – Dzogbégan Monastery

Benedictine Abbey Of The Ascension – Danyi Dzogbegan

This monastery is situated in the picturesque surroundings. It is famed for having been built entirely using local materials.  It is located 40 kilometers north of Kpalime. It was built in 1961 under the contemplative order of St. Benedict.

It has the design of a giant African hut. It has greenish roof raised at the center like a cone with flat rounded sides that grabs a larger portion of the roof. The walls are rounded. It has wooden doors and glass and timber windows.

Its interiors are made of African furniture. Tables and chairs are made of African designs. There is accommodation for guests with rooms having simple beds made of local wooden timber.

There is a big garden in which most of the food is obtained. Benedictine monks and nuns run the farm. Homemade jam, honey, and coffee, among other sweet stuff, are made here by the monks and nuns.

4. Ahmadiyya Atakpame Mosque- Atakpame

The Atakpame Mosque

Atakpame is a town in central Togo. An industrial town is about 161 kilometers north of Lome. It is the fifth largest city.  Ahmadiyya Atakpame Mosque also serves as the Jamat Ahmadiyya headquarters in Togo.

The mosque has a flat rooftop. Its minaret is not so dominant and hardly visible from all angles. The dome is also hardly visible. It can be deemed as a small low-profile mosque. This is probably due to the much smaller Muslim population in Atakpame.

It has a peaceeful quite environmment with its flat top offering an opportunity for one view of the surrounding settlements and vegetation.

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3. Central Sokode Mosque

Central Sokode Mosque

Sokode is the second largest city in Togo. Though Muslims are less than 20% of Togo’s population, in Sokode, it is the dominant religion comprising up to 70% of the population.

Sokode mosque is not so big but the most beautiful in the entire country. It has a flat apartment building style with walls painted in creamy colors. It is a long minaret accompanied by a dome with green and white vertical strips. Apart from the minaret and dome, the rest of the roof is flat. It is built next to a busy market.

2. Holy Spirit Cathedral of Kpalime

Holy Spirit Cathedral Of Kpalime

Kpalime (or Palime) is a town established in the southern part of Togo. It was established in 1913 by German missionaries and completed in 1914. In 2013, it was consecrated as a Cathedral having already been declared as the seat of the Diocese of Kpalime.

The building has a slanting brick-red roof. The exterior walls are painted white and interspersed with brick-pillar decorations. Its architectural design and decor makes it such a must-photograph kind of scenery. It is a photo worth keeping for memory.

1. Sacred Heart Cathedral

Sacred Heart Cathedral

This is one of the oldest Togo church cathedrals in Togo having been built just about 10 years after the Roman Catholic missionaries established their presence in Lome (Togo’s capital city).This cathedral was consecrated in 1902 by Bishop Albert who was then the Apostolic Vicar of Cote-de-I ‘Or.

Its construction started in April 1901 and completed in September 1902 under the German colonial authorities. It was the most iconic building then for the newly established capital city of Togo. It has been the seat of the Archdiocese of Togo since 1955.

Pope John Paul II celebrated his mass in this Cathedral on August 9, 1985, on his trip to Togo and West Africa.

This cathedral is not only religous but also historic site. It bears the history of German colonialism in Africa, the history of Lome, and of Togo itself.

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