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24 Head Scratching Misconceptions People Have About Africa

Generalizations About the Wealth of African Nations

Due to civil strife and natural disasters in some parts of Africa that are dominantly covered in Western media, most Westerners think that all Africans are extremely poor, low class and with no cities. This has led to some misconceptions, about the actual development of African nations.

African Businessman

Misconception 24: “Africans are extremely poor and medieval.

Fact: Africa, just as a good amount of Western countries, has a significant poor low-class group. Yet, just like Western countries, Africa has a rich and affluent class. There are many schools, colleges, and universities in Africa.

In some African countries, literacy levels are higher than those of their Western counterparts are. Africa has many professionals, some of whom are granted ‘green cards’ to provide their expertise in the Western world.

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As can be evidenced by facts, most misconceptions about Africa emanate from ignorance, prejudices, and perhaps a tad bit of Western media propaganda. Those Westerners who come to Africa for the first time get baffled when they realize that they were living a myth when it comes to Africa.

Tourism and unbiased information are the best ways by which these misconceptions can be erased from the Western minds. We hope that the few facts provided herein have been able to trigger a conscious desire to know Africa more. Interacting with Africans and visiting Africa is the best way to have fast-hand unbiased knowledge of Africa.


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