Largest Cities In Africa And Their Projected Growth

10 Largest Cities in Africa

Africa is rising. No doubt A visit to any of the following largest cities in Africa will clearly explain the vibrant outlook on the future of the continent with the lowest median age. it. A visit to any of the top 10 largest cities in Africa will clearly prove it.

Fun Facts About Tunisia

11 Interesting Facts About Tunisia

The 11 amazing factions about Tunisia have been compiled to enable you have a better knowledge of this tiny jewel etched in the Sahara desert. There is more to learn that you can only gather while on your tour of Tunisia.

Largest Animals In Africa Top 19

These Are the 10 Largest Animals in Africa

We put together a list of the ten largest animals in Africa. Some of them are in grave danger and even facing extinction unfortunately, learn more inside.

Top 10 African Heroes You Need To Know About

10 African Heroes You Should Know About

These are the ten leaders who shaped the history of Africa. Many are proud to call them African heroes, and the world should get to know them.

South Sudan Travel Story For Outside Magazine

12 Interesting Facts About South Sudan

The 12 interesting facts about South Sudan are the much-need anecdotes that enables you to have a peep into this newest nation in the world that is beckoning all for an opportunity to develop it.

Interesting Facts About Burkina Faso

12 Interesting Facts About Burkina Faso

The 12 interesting facts articulated herein recaps in summary form what Burkina Faso has to offer the world. There is more to learn that only a step on this land of Thomas Sankara can unveil.

Sudanese Landscape And Interesting Facts About Sudan

12 Interesting Facts About Sudan

Sudan, ‘the land of the black people’ truly holds a lot to learn about Africa. The 12 interesting facts is a collection of what you ought to know about this diverse land as an impetus to your future exploration.

South African Landscape And Interesting Facts About The Country

12 Interesting Facts About South Africa

South Africa, a rainbow nation of many shades has so much to write about that can hardly be condensed into one article. Nonetheless, the 12 interesting facts that we have been able to extract from the vast knowledgebase serves as a springboard for you to dive further in this profound world.

Fun Facts About Nigeria

12 Interesting Facts About Nigeria

There is so much to learn about Nigeria. The 12 interesting facts compiled herein can only grant you a glimpse of what awaits you to explore should you make a visit to this culturally-rich country.

Swaziland Landscape And Interesting Facts About The Country

12 Interesting Facts About Swaziland

The 12 interesting facts about Swaziland leaves you with no doubt that Swaziland is a place to visit. There is more to explore through your very own experience than we could unveil in this short article.

Zimbabwe Interesting Facts And The Landscape

12 Interesting Facts About Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe, ‘the great house of stones’ has more to offer than its precious minerals. The 12 interesting facts not only presents you its rich flora and fauna, strong cultural heritage but also more that your visit can only unravel.

Tanzania Field And Interesting Facts About It

12 Interesting Facts About Tanzania

Tanzania is home to a rich cultural heritage, spectacular landscape, and magnificent natural habitat. Herein, we have consolidated 12 interesting facts that offers you a glimpse into this ‘Eden of the East’.

Fun Facts About Mauritius

12 Interesting Facts About Mauritius (Where the Dodo bird once roamed!)

Mauritius awaits you. It is a place you wouldn’t like to miss in your holiday adventure. Scenic beauty, rich culture and authentic cuisine would make you want to stay and keep staying more. These interesting facts offers you a tip of this magnificent iceberg.

Fun Facts About Seychelles

12 Interesting Facts About Seychelles

Seychelles is a tiny island endowed with scenic treasures that seems to overwhelm its small size. Here you can own the sun as you bask on its pristine white-sand beaches. These interesting facts about Seychelles are the kind of binoculars that you need to gaze into the depth of this great island.

Fun Facts About São Tomé And Principe

12 Interesting Facts About São Tomé and Principe

These interesting facts about Sao Tome and Principe gives you an insider glimpse into this unique island nation that is a temporary home to so many travelers from across the world. From this article, you can get to know more about Sao Tome and Principe as the basis of your future visit.

Fun Facts About Sierra Leone

12 Interesting Facts About Sierra Leone (The Land of Diamonds!)

These interesting facts about Sierra Leone grant you a glimpse of this rice-and-palm loving West African nation. There is so much to learn from this diamond-and-gold rich nation that only you can unravel by paying it a deserved homage.

Fun Facts About Somalia

12 Interesting Facts About Somalia (The Land of Pirates!)

Somalia is a typical example of what war can do to a country. Yet, its resilient and industrious people prove how resolute humans can be against all odds. These interesting facts offer you a glimpse into this unique country gracing the Horn of Africa.

Fun Facts About Rwanda

12 Interesting Facts About Rwanda

Rwanda is the throbbing heart of Africa. It is a tiny jewel yet so precious. Its glitters continue to be recognized across the world. The 12 amazing facts about Rwanda will obviously make you glow in tribute to its magnificence once you step out to witness its marvelous transformation.

Fun Facts About Republic Of The Congo

12 Interesting Facts About Republic of The Congo

The ‘Last Eden’ awaits you in Congo-Brazzaville. The 12 facts provided herein serves as the stepping-stone to a profound land rich in natural and cultural heritage.

Fun Facts About Senegal

12 Interesting Facts About Senegal

The Teranga people of Senegal make it one of the most peaceful countries in West Africa. The 12 interesting facts help shed light onto this unique West African nation.

Fun Facts About Niger

12 Interesting Facts About Niger

From vegetative south to the desert north, Niger is a diverse country. The 12 facts herein grant you a mental walk through the magnificent diversity of this vast land.

fun facts about mauritania

12 Interesting Facts About Mauritania

Mauritania, the land of Berbers, Fulani, Wolof and other inhabitants remain etched on African map as an important part of its cultural heritage. The 12 interesting facts we have provided here are just but a handful of sand grains to enable you to have a light footstep on this vast desert land.

Sandy Beach Island Of Anjouan Comoros Islands

12 Interesting Facts About Comoros

There is more to learn about Comoros than we could ever pack in this tiny piece of article. Nonetheless, the 12 interesting facts about Comoros quickly unfurl your sails of knowledge about this uniquely beautiful island.

Fun Facts About Lesotho The Mountain Kingdom

12 Interesting Facts About Lesotho

The 12 interesting facts about Lesotho that we have provided herein fall extremely short of the heights of this highland nation. There is more to learn about Lesotho and these 12 facts are simply the keys.

Fun Facts About Togo

12 Interesting Facts About Togo

Rich cultural tradition, magnificent landscape, and entrepreneurial spirit make Togo an African giant. We have compiled 12 interesting facts about Togo to enable you to have a slice of knowledge of this West African country.

Fun Facts About Burundi

12 Interesting Facts About Burundi

Burundi is one of the oldest nation-states in East and Central Africa. Monarchism, colonialism, coups, civil wars, and genocides have all been tests of the resilience of this tiny nation. The 12 interesting facts provided herein are just but a tip of the iceberg awaiting you to explore.

fun facts about guinea

12 Interesting Facts About Guinea

The wealth of Guinea rests in not only its diverse mineral resources but also its authentic culture, delicious cuisine, pristine beaches and scenic landscape. The 12 interesting facts about Guinea are just but a key to unlock the wealth of knowledge that you ought to experience through your physical presence.

Fun Facts About Ghana

12 Interesting Facts About Ghana

Ghana is a land of great feats. Ancient kingdoms, great natural wealth, witty talents, rich culture and chocolate tradition, all make it a unique world heritage. These 12 interesting facts offer a glimpse into this renowned yet largely unexplored treasure along the gold coast.

Fun Facts About Benin

12 Interesting Facts About Benin

The rich West African cultural heritage can only remain unexplored by not paying a visit to Benin. Nonetheless, the 12 interesting facts about Benin offer you a tip of this giant historical iceberg that awaits you to explore.

Fun Facts About Gabon

12 Interesting Facts About Gabon

Gabon has unique biodiversity, demographic and economic features that would trigger anyone’s curiosity to explore more about it. We have condensed 12 interesting facts about this Central African country to rise up your curiosity for further exploration.

Fun Facts About Guinea Bissau

12 Interesting Facts About Guinea-Bissau

Guinea-Bissau is a land of rich cultural heritage, rich biodiversity, and extreme political contrasts. The 12 interesting facts provided in this article grants a candle in the dark that beckons you to explore more about this unique West African land.

Fun Facts About Ivory Coast

11 Interesting Facts About Ivory Coast

Ivory Coast is famous for its ivory, cocoa, and rich culture, among others. The 11 facts provided herein gives you a glimpse into this famous jewel of West Africa as it begins to reinvigorate its past glory.

Fun Facts About Equatorial Guinea

12 Interesting Facts About Equatorial Guinea

The riches of Equatorial Guinea are far bigger than its tiny size. There are so many amazing things uniquely found in this small West African country. The 12 facts compiled about Equatorial Guinea are just a tip of the greater iceberg that awaits your visit.

Fun Facts About Namibia

12 Interesting Facts About Namibia

Namibia is a land of many wonders. The 12 facts about Namibia captured herein are just but a tip of what you ought to encounter on your visit to Namibia. There is so much more that you can only discover while there.

Fun Facts About Eritrea

12 Interesting Facts About Eritrea

Eritrea is a land of plenty. Its rich natural heritage, scenic desert beaches, marine sports sites and unique flora and fauna simply makes a great magnetic attraction. Here are 12 Facts about Eritrea for you to enjoy.

Fun Facts About Central African Republic

11 Interesting Facts About The Central African Republic

The Central African Republic is a microcosmic replica of Africa. It has a rich natural wealth, beautiful flora and fauna, and highly hospitable people. The 11 facts compiled are just but a glimpse of what awaits you when you visit this uniquely great nation.

Common Misconceptions People Have About Africa

24 Common Misconceptions About Africa

The western world has many misconceptions about Africa. Most of these are due to lack of information. We have highlighted the 25 most common of these misconceptions and factually debunked them. Read and get to learn more about Africa.

Fun Facts About Libya

11 Interesting Facts About Libya

Libya is a North African country within the Sahara desert steeped in history. It is the fourth largest country in Africa with a population of 6.4 million people. Learn more about this fascinating country with these 11 interesting facts.

Fun Facts About Mozambique

12 Interesting Facts About Mozambique

Mozambique is a Portuguese-speaking country with some of the world’s most pristine wildlife parks and beautiful serene beaches. Its people have a rich culture and wonderful cuisine. There is so much to learn about Mozambique and these 12 amazing facts are just but a tip of the iceberg.

Fun Facts About Morocco

12 Interesting Facts About Morocco

Morocco is the only kingdom remaining in the entire North Africa. It is one of the only two countries in the world that share both Mediterranean and Atlantic Ocean. These are just but a few of the 12 interesting facts about Morocco, which we have provided in this article that you ought to know.

Fun Facts About Madagascar

13 Interesting Facts About Madagascar

Madagascar is a large island country with a unique biodiversity. It is a melting pot of Afro-Australasian cultures. There is so much that you ought to know about Madagascar. We could only afford to pick 13 facts just to give you a glimpse of this fascinating land.

Fun Facts About Mali

11 Interesting Facts About Mali

Mali is a country with a long history and great ancient civilization. The best way to understand West Africa’s heritage is to know about Mali. In this article, we have provided 11 interesting facts about Mali that serves as a stepping-stone to learning more about Mali.

Fun Facts About Malawi

12 Interesting Facts About Malawi

If you are looking for a country in Africa to learn about, Malawi “the warm heart of Africa”, should interest you. Home of the world’s first freshwater national park, Malawi has much to its history and beauty. Discover more about Malawi with these 12 fascinating facts.

Fun Facts About Egypt

12 Interesting Facts About Egypt

What is Egypt without the mention of Pyramids, Pharaohs and the River Nile? There is much more to this great country than just that – find out with these 12 interesting facts about Egypt.

Fun Facts About Liberia

12 Interesting Facts About Liberia

Liberia is the country of origin of popular media queen and philanthropist, Oprah Winfrey. It is also the second largest black republic and home of spectacular beaches. Read these 12 facts about Liberia.

Fun Facts About Djibouti

12 Interesting Facts About Djibouti

Wouldn’t you like to learn about the third lowest point on Earth? And also to explore the rich coral reefs along the coastline of Djibouti? Check out these these 12 facts about the wonderful Djibouti.

Samuel Matete

10 Best Zambian Athletes

Zambia has had many great athletes, some who are still living legends. These are athletes across a number of sports such as boxing, football, tennis, and athletics. Here are ten among the many that Zambia has to offer.

Scientists From Senegal

Top 10 Scientists From Senegal

African Scientists are also able to stand on the same platform as the foreign scientists. Senegal have birthed some of this special Africans. Below are ten unique Senegalese scientists

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