Fun Facts About Angola

12 Fun Facts About Angola

Angola has unique wildlife and many more fascinating facts. Check out twelve of them here and add Angola to your travel list.

Fun Facts About Cameroon

12 Interesting Facts About Cameroon

“The Melting pot of Africa” is one of the names Cameroon is called – have a look at these twelve fun facts to see why.

Fun Facts About Botswana

12 Interesting Facts About Botswana

Botswana boasts of diamonds, beautiful sunset, wildlife, golden sands of the Kalahari desert and much more in the twelve fun facts listed here

Fun Facts About Chad

12 Interesting Facts About Chad

It is not often you witness a camel race – you can enjoy that and many more in Chad. Discover the twelve fun facts about this interesting country.

fun facts about kenya

12 Interesting Facts About Kenya

Kneyans pass down traditions and beliefs in the form of stories, songs and poems. Story telling or reciting poems is an important part of every Kenya event, fromweddings to funerals. In the evenings, children gather to listen to supernatural or moral stories from their parent. Oral tradition is so ingrained in Kenyansthat they sing as they work on the farm, do housework and other daily activities.

Fun Facts About Zambia

12 Interesting Facts About Zambia

Even though the country has had some western influences, paying lobola or bride price is still a common practice. When a man and woman decide to get married, several meetings are arranged between the bride to be parents and the potential groom’s go-between or Shibukombe. After several meetings, the go-between pays the family of the woman the lobola. In the olden days, cattle would be accepted but now families prefer that the lobola be cash. The lobola signifies that the man is grateful to the parents for growing the woman.

Fun Facts About Uganda

12 Interesting Facts About Uganda

By law, vehicles are supposed to drive on the left-hand side of the road in Uganda. One would however, advise you to be careful as foreign motorists who have traveled on Ugandan road advise that Ugandans do not heed to this rule. The drive on the side which suits them the most or in the middle. The roads of the capital city especially can be very crazy so be extremely cautious if you plan to drive anywhere in Uganda.

Fun Facts About Algeria

12 Interesting Facts About Algeria

A large per cent of the country’s earnings comes from its exportation of hydrocarbons. Algeria is the sixth largest exporter of natural gas and has the 10 largest natural gas reserve in the world. Algeria’s significant revenue from its fossil fuels export classifies the country as an upper middle income country.


10 Mysterious Monsters of Africa

Africa is rich with tales of mysterious creatures. Oral tradition is strong on the continent, and these are the ten mysterious monsters that still live on.

Black Serial Killers From Africa

10 Most Infamous Black Serial Killers from Africa

Africa has had its fair share of serial killers, although many were not documented due to lack of forensic and modern means of investigating that will have uncovered patterns that are usually attributed to serial killing.

fun facts about gambia

11 Interesting Facts About Gambia

Some persons collect dolls, others collect postcards but the former Gambian President collects titles. The Gambian President Yahya Jammeh ever since taking office gave to himself a number of titles. There is no explanation of the Sheikh title but it is alleged that the President bestowed upon himself Professorship after saying that he found the cure for AIDS and several other diseases. The Doctor title he assumed after being awarded an honorary Doctor of Civil Laws by the Canadian St Mary’s University in Halifax in 1999. Succeeding presidents also have to take on these titles therefore the official title of a Gambian president is Sheikh Professor Doctor President.

Fun Facts About Ethiopia

12 Fun Facts About Ethiopia

Ethiopia is a very unique and interesting country, these twelve fun facts about Ethiopia will have you wondering how much a plane ticked to Africa costs.

ugandan girls carrying pots on their heads

Most Popular Ugandan Girl Names – Top 10

These are some of the most popular Ugandan girl names to consider if you’re thinking of an African name for your soon to be newborn. Or if you’re just looking to find out more about different cultures and what some of the common girl names are in Uganda.

Sudanese boy names - mother holding her son

Most Popular Sudanese Boy Names – Top 10

There are some very unique and amazing Sudanese boy names. Filled with meaning and soul, below you’ll find some of the more common and popular boy names in Sudan, ones that you may have already heard of; and others that may have you wondering if you should name your kid that.

Tallest Buildings In Africa Which One Is The Biggest

Tallest Buildings in Africa – Top 10

The minaret of the Hassan II Mosque or the Grande Mosque allows the mosque to be the second tallest of all buildings in Africa. At 210 meters and 60 storeys tall, the minaret is the tallest religious structure in the world.

Uganda Population

Most Populous African Countries (Comprehensive List)

Africa is made up of 54 countries with over 1.2 billion people. According to, the African continent contains 16.22% of the world’s population and is the second most populous continent.

African Lnaguages

10 Most Commonly Spoken Languages in Africa (Surprising)

The Yoruba language is spoken mainly throughout West Africa. However, no two regions speak the Yoruba language in the same manner. The language is tonal with nasal pronunciations. The development of this language is said to have had some Arabic influences. Its vocabulary consists of words borrowed from Arabic.

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