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10 Most Famous African Tribes (The Original Africans)

Rich with traditions that survived thousands of years, these African tribes are an explorers dream


Women Carrying Bunches Of Cooking Bananas, Mango, Kilimanjaro

The Chagga are from Tanzania and are attributed as being the first tribe to accept Christianity. This embrace of Christianity occurred during Colonial Times. The Chagga ultimately were the recipients of healthcare that was of a more enhanced nature as well as better education for children.

Final say on African tribes

Wow, what a journey that was, wouldn’t you agree? With modern day life encompassing every second of our time, it’s hard but necessary to take a second back and reflect on the tribal way of life. Not too long ago our ancestors were all living in tribes, and we didn’t have these skyscrapers around.

Were we better off than or are we better off now, what do you think?



Written by Ramanpreet Kaur