10 Most Famous African Tribes (The Original Africans)


Oromo People Celebrating Festival

The people of Oromo are of Islamic and Christian faith and eat dishes such as Kashii, Mooqa, and Basso. There are about 25 million individuals who make up the tribe of Oromo.

The Oromo speak a language known as “Cushitic” and inhabited regions like north-eastern as well as Eastern Africa. Currently the regions of Cush, ancient Ethiopia, and Nubia are where Cushitic speakers reside.

The Oromo history tells us that the Oromo were originally known as “Galla” but instead of using Galla, they adopted Oromo since they disliked the name Galla. It is said the name Galla was given by neighboring individuals from the Amhara and may have originated from an Arabic term “qaala laa.”

The Oromo consist of several clans; two clans of Oromo are qumoo and gosa.

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  1. Ana Katrina Lopez

    This is an interesting list that you have! I enjoyed reading through it. Might I add another tribe? The Hadzabe Tribe of Tanzania are an interesting group of people. They don’t have permanent homes but move from one place to another and live off the land. They also have their own unique language known as “clicking”. I think having their own language alone would be evidence of how old the tribe has existed. And the fact that within the tribe there is no leader and everyone’s status is equal. I think that’s a rather progressive view of things to have. Don’t you think they’re an interesting tribe to meet? They’re one of the few tribes I would love to visit when I travel to Africa.

  2. I love is website it is giving me a lot of infrmation

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