Most Popular Ugandan Girl Names – Top 10

These are some of the most popular Ugandan girl names to consider if you’re thinking of an African name for your soon to be newborn. Or if you’re just looking to find out more about different cultures and what some of the common girl names are in Uganda.

Uganda is truly a beautiful mixture of cultures. To get a better idea of the spirit of the country of Uganda, consider that in it’s eastern region the people known as Basoga have a dance they call Tamenhaibunga. This dance literally translates to “good friends drink together and don’t fight, in case they break the gourd holding the drink.”

In this good spirit then, let us take a look at some female names in Uganda.


Namono means, “youngest twin,” it was traditionally used for the second born, or the younger of the two twins in rural Ugandan places. A great name to keep in your bucket of potentials, especially if you find out you’re going to be doubly blessed with twins! It’s currently very popular and trendy name and for all the right reasons.


A beautifully phonetic and pleasant sounding name. Properly matched by it’s true meaning, which is “peace.” Dembe is categorized as a unisex name, meaning in different countries around the world, it is given to both boys and girls. Many people believe that this beautiful name has a positive affect on their child throughout it’s life, bringing them peace and joy.


A calm and soothing name, for a peaceful baby. Namazzi means “water” in Ugandan and connotes tranquility, peace, and serenity. In fact people all over the world are appreciating it’s beauty and naming their children Namazzi, or some local variation of it. Girls with the name Namazzi grow up to be at peace with themselves and a joy to be around.


The name Masiko carries with it a sense of appreciation for the finer and deeper things that life has to offer. Ugandan girls named Masiko not only grow up with respect, but they earn it by bettering themselves through reading, studying, and listening to others. Masiko is so popular that it is also a surname for many people who have decided to carry it through generations as a family tree.


Another traditional Ugandan feminine name is Miremba. It too means ‘peaceful’ and it’s roots date back to the ancients. A truly timeless name that is of an attractive, strong, and beautiful nature, Miremba connotes classiness and it continues to thrive in the modern world. Girls with the name Miremba grow up to be respected for their peaceful nature and ability to see both side of an argument, often being sought for advice by friends and family.


The name Nasiche means “given life during locust season.” A deeply traditional and alluring name, your girl will be able to go anywhere in the world and people will never forget Nasiche. It’s unique, exotic, and Ugandan girls with this name are usually at the center of attention. Nasiche girls tend to have guys racing for their attention, while at the same time the name always anchors the girl to her Ugandan roots.


Another name that is a great option if you’re expecting twins is Achen. It means, literally, “a twin.” A very unique, uncommon feminine name, it allures the mind to remember it when you come across a girl named Achen. A twin girl with the name Achen will never forget her twin sibling either, and will always cherish the family bond that needs to be held so dear. Achen girls grow up to be dependable and with a need to serve the community.


Nakimera is one of the most prepossessing Ugandan female names. It means, “gift to God.” If you’re a religious family, the name Nakimera will forever bond your family to the almighty one. Firls named Nakimera are helpers, humanists, and even healers. They find joy in helping others and taking on the big sister role, even to non-family friends. Compassion is in their nature from the time they are born, and their capabilities only evolve as they age.


Afiya means “good health.” Good health including mental, physical, and spiritual. Babies named Afiya are cheerful, don’t cry as much, and take care of their bodies well into adulthood. A fascinating name that bring joy to all who encounter an Ugandan girl with this name. Girl’s with this name growing up wishing only the best for their families and others, which bring them a lot of respect and compassion in return. Girls named Afiya are destined for great things and are very confident.


Abbo means “accoutrement,” or “accessory.” In some regions it can translate to vegetable as well. It is a very popular and modern Ugandan girl name. Parent’s name their children Abbo not only to ensure their life is filled with success, but also to remind themselves who their most precious accessory in life is, their beautiful daughter. A comforting name, girls named Abbo are the life of the party and grow up having many friends and admirers.


ugandan girls carrying pots on their heads

Ugandans are people of faith, and have no problem holding on to their traditional beliefs. With some of the most popular Ugandan girl names listed above, they ensure the same for the lives of their daughters. Some names are spiritual, others religious, and some combine both and add a traditional uniqueness to them.

What will you name your daughter? Whatever you choose we wish her good health and a long smile filled life. May she grow up to dance the Kiganda or whatever dance is native to your family.

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