Mouth Watering Nigerian Cuisine – Top 10 Dishes

Jollof Rice

In Nigeria, cooking is an art form. The different ethnic groups contribute different cooking practices and dishes to make Nigerian cuisine among the best in the world. Nigerians seek to bring their cuisine with them wherever they go in the world.

Here are some dishes that are very popular in Nigeria and that you will be most likely to find in a Nigerian restaurant outside of Nigeria.

Pepper Soup


The Pepper Soup is one of the tastiest dishes in Nigerian cuisine. The mouthwatering smell that the pepper soup gives off comes from the assortment of spices, garlic, pepper and onion that go in the pot. The pepper soup can be prepared with different kinds of meat. If you do not like chicken then you can have the goat meat pepper pot soup or the beef pepper pot soup. Prepare it your way.

Puff Puff

Puff Puff

The Puff Puff is a Nigerian deep fried goodness. Nutmeg and sugar are some of the ingredients that make the puff puff a delectable treat and something that every visitor to Nigeria has to try. Some flour, some yeast, a little sugar and a little spice make the Puff Puff so nice.

Deep-fried Battered Yams

Nigerian Mouthwatering Cuisine

Next delectable dish in Nigerian cuisine is deep fried battered yam. The deep fried battered yam is served with Nigerian stews and sauces. You can prepare this snack at home. Get some white puna yams, vegetable oil and salt. Next step is to fry it in your frying pan it so that the outside is crispy and the inside is moist. With this dish, you are on your way to Nigeria.



The next mouthwatering dish in the Nigerian cuisine is Ogbono soup. Nigerians make this dish with ogbono seeds. Ogobon seeds make the soup thick and just right to eat with pounded yam.  Spices and vegetable must be in a dish of Ogbono soup. Chilli pepper, bitter leaf, tomatoes, onions, iru are among the spices and vegetable included in this, did I say mouthwatering, dish.

Gari Gari

Gari Gari

Wipe that bit of drool from your mouth and get ready for Gari Gari, a very popular and tasty dish in Nigerian cuisine. The process to create gari gari includes grating cassava to create a mash, fermenting the mash then pounding the by-product in to fine flour. Finally, we can mix gari gari with hot water and eat it as a snack or with stews and soups. Mix with sugar, honey or peanut for added sweetness.

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