Nairobi Kenya

Cleanest African Cities (No Littering!)

Waste disposal is a problem that many countries face. These eleven African countries are working hard to ensure that they have the cleanest cities in Africa.

15 Best African Singers (Heard Around the Globe!)

Powerhouse Bulelwa Mkutukana, better known as Zahara, shook the foundations of the South African music scene when she released her first album titled Loliwe. Loliwe sold out within three days and in nineteen days was certified double platinum by the South African Recording Industry.

Richest Black Women In The World List On Afrikanza

10 Richest Black Women in the World

The women on this list have broken all records and went against the odds to become the 10 richest black women in the world. Find out which ones made the cut.

African Lnaguages

10 Most Commonly Spoken Languages in Africa (Surprising)

The Yoruba language is spoken mainly throughout West Africa. However, no two regions speak the Yoruba language in the same manner. The language is tonal with nasal pronunciations. The development of this language is said to have had some Arabic influences. Its vocabulary consists of words borrowed from Arabic.

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