Poorest Countries in Africa – Top 10

10Madagascar — GDP per capita: $1,504 (£1,226)

In February 2017, Global Finance Magazine published the ranking of the world’s poorest countries according to data collected by the International Monetary Fund. African countries populated the list. While Africa has much to offer, the sad truth remains that many countries do not produce enough to feed its people.

The Republic of Madagascar has a long history of political instability with protests and military coups that have destroyed infrastructure and stalled the growth of the country’s economy. Today, this history makes it the 10th poorest country in Africa.

The main contributors to the GDP are its agriculture sector which makes up 29% of the GDP and the manufacturing industry that makes up 15% of the GDP. Sixty-nine percent of the country’s population live below the national poverty line. Children in Madagascar suffer from malnutrition and there is little to no access to basic health care.

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