10 Most Popular Actresses & Singers from Chad

The film and music industry in the Central African Republic isn’t massively developed yet, but some great film production and musical talent can be traced to this region. Chadian produced films have caught the attention of the world as well.

Below is a list of ten hugely talented successful female actresses and singers. Some are from Chad and others are not, but have worked in the Chadian film industry. These women broke some of the barriers in front of them and became famous.

Anais Monory

10 Most Popular Actresses And Singers From Chad

She is a beautiful African actress featured in Overdrive (2017) and Grigris (2013). The young Chadian actress is a of mixed descent, born of a French mother and a Chadian father.

She started her career as a model in France and settled with her husband in Toulouse. The director of the award-winning film Mahamat-Saleh Haroun spotted her and felt she was right for the role that launched her into the big screens.

She played a prostitute in the Grigris that was a hit at the Cannes Film festival 2013. She is a mother of twins, Cielo and Santo.

Aicha Yelena

Aicha Yelena

Aicha is a African actress born in Chad. She is known for her role in Bye Bye Africa, a 1999 award-winning Chadian film.

She played the girlfriend of a director who was also the film director in real life. Her role as Isabella attracted criticism from Chadians who could not differentiate the film from real life.

Djeneba Kone

Djeneba Kone

Kone is a young African actress originally from Mali. She is known for her role in a film titled A Screaming Man (2010), directed by the award-winning Chadian director, Mahamat Saleh Haroun.

She played the companion of the main actor. Kone also brought her voice to the music of the film. She also featured in Suite noir (2009) and Kabala (2002).

Another encounter she had with the Chadian film industry was when Chadian playwright, Koulsi Lamco integrated one of her songs into one of his creation for a one month tour in Europe. She was born of a singer mother and a Balaton player father; you can say she was destined for the arts.

She was not only an actress but a dancer and vocalist. She was discovered as early as the age of 11. She died in a car accident on the 21st December 2011.

Fatima Adoum

Fatima Adoum

She is a French actress who studied language sciences, performing arts and holds a doctorate from the University of Sorbonne, Paris in cinematography. She was born 14 November 1974 in Lyon.

She has featured in a lot of movies including Sherlock Holmes: A game of shadows (2011), L’assaut (2010), irreversible (2002) and the Chadian produced movie Goi-Goi, which qualifies her to be on this list of Chadian African actresses.

Nadech Ngaryo

Nadech Ngaryo

A Chadian actress known for her role in the 2009 film directed by Abakar Chene Massar called Le pelerin de Camp Nou, which literarily means Captain Majid in English.

She played the part of the daughter of the team’s president called Faiza. She was an avid football fan in the no-budget Chad produced film.

Matibeye Genevieve

Matibeye Genevieve

She is another beauty born in Doba, the southern part of Chad. Genevieve was also called Genzy by friends and fans. She was born on 2 September, 1987. She followed her mother’s footsteps of being a singer. Matibeye joined the choir in her church at age 12.

Although she is a trained laboratory technician, Genzy chose to sing in cabarets and was soon known as the nightingale. She launched her solo career in 2012 and has since become a celebrity. She has shared the stage with Mounira Mitchala and gotten international recognition.

She sings about love, equality, forgiveness, the Chadian child rights and peace. Her songs are usually in French, Arabic and a local language called ngambaye.

Mounira Mitchala

Mounira Mitchala

Mounira was born in Chad on 19 September 1979; she is an African actress, singer, composer, and musician. The pretty actress featured in popular Chadian films like Daratt directed by Issa Serge Coelo and Abouna directed by the award-winning Mahama Saleh Haroun where she played minor roles.

She is, however, more popular for her strides in the music industry. She is also known as the Sweet Panther. Her preferred genre of music is the traditional African rhythms. One of her song title Talou Lena is known internationally.

She has also shared the stage with greats like Tiken Jah Fakoly and Ismael Lo. She uses her songs to advocate for social justice and women rights.

Menodji Clarisse

Menodji Clarisse

She is a beautiful 24-year-old Chadian artist, also known as Melodji. She grew up in Ndjamena where she started singing in her church choir. She is a part of a group called Matania, which consist of five young ladies. Her voice is unique, sensual and mesmerizing.

She decided to go solo and has since grown in popularity. She sings in several Chadian dialects including French. Her songs are influenced by Rhythm and Blues, the traditional Chadian Afro beats and American pop music.

Audrey Linda Shey

Audrey Linda Shey

She is the first Chadian female to have an album on the market. A former air hostess, she went into the music industry, pursuing her passion. Audrey is known as Princess Lynn by her fans. Her music is highly influenced by Angelique Kidjo.

Her first album was released in 2005 titled “And the Kids,” while the second album,”Who’s the profit” was released in 2012. She lives in the United States pursuing an international music career. She may one day venture into the film industry since she has a history of pioneering new things.

Haoua Ngaba

She is an older Chadian female singer who made a great impact on the younger generation of Chadian female artists. She is also considered a benefactor to the Chadian music industry. In 1968, she hosted the first president of Chad, François Ngarta Tombalbaye.

It was an inauguration ceremony where she was the main event. Ngaba has produced and managed several Chadian bands and hosted big African names such as Franco & TPOK Jazz, Tabu Ley Rochereau & Africa International Orchestra. She was recently decorated by the president of Chad.

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