9 Smallest Countries in Africa

9Burundi (27,830 km2 or 10,745 sq mi)

Africa has some of the largest countries in the world. It also has some of the smallest. Continue reading for a summary of the 10 smallest countries in Africa.

Burundi covering 27,830 km2 is the tenth smallest country in Africa. Its south-western border runs adjacent to Lake Tanganyika, one of the African Great Lakes. The country has a population of approximately 10,557,259 people who speak to each other in French and Kirundi, the official languages and Swahili.

The agriculture sector contributes 50% of the GDP and employs over 90% of the population.   Children suffer from malnutrition, they have no access to proper healthcare, education, and HIV/AIDS is prevalent. We can see why Burundi was ranked the second least happy nation in the world, they have nothing to smile about.

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