Weird Animals – Top 10 Bizarre African Animals

These animals are so weird you’d probably want to turn around and walk the other way upon encounter

Bizarre Animals in Africa

This list contains some very weird animals that live on the African continent.  They are pretty fascinating seeing that they are not the animals you often hear about.

You will not find many documentaries or articles about them because they keep themselves hidden in the forests.

10 Bizarre Animals In Africa

You will have to go look for them and even then that does not mean you will find them. If you happen to come upon one of them, count yourself lucky well anyone of them except the bush viper, though beautiful it might be.

#10 – Colobus Monkey

Weird Animals in Africa

The black and white Colobus monkeys spend its days and nights in the tree tops of Africa’s closed forest. They live in groups of 5-10 with one adult male serving as the head of the group.

What make this animal weird is that it comes with a full grown beard and long white hair along their backs. Another fact is that they are the only monkeys without a thumb.

The long white hairs help them to jump from one tree to another in the forest. They use a croaking roar to communicate with each other. Their diets are made up of mostly leaves and unlike other monkeys; they are able to eat poisonous leaves. Their stomachs enable them to digest poisonous leaves with no harm coming to them.


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