Weird Animals – Top 10 Bizarre African Animals

#8 – Honey Badger

Bizarre Animals in Africa

The honey badger is native to Africa, Southwest Asia and the Indian subcontinent. Long, white hair coats the back while short black fur lines the underbelly.

It turns angry very quickly and is always ready for war no matter the size of his opponent; lions, snakes or humans. Built like a wrestler, the honey badger is thick-set with short, sturdy legs with five toes and sharp claws.

It has really loose skin that allows the badger to easily twist and turn within it. The skin is also very thick and almost impenetrable. They hunt alone are in pairs. Their favorite food is of course bee honey but they pretty much eat everything; frogs, humans, snakes, fruits, vegetables. Their skin’s ability to stretch about 6 inches from their body and makes them pretty weird.

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