Weird Animals – Top 10 Bizarre African Animals

#6- Aye-Aye

Weird Animals in Africa

Aye-aye, no I am not trying to get your attention. I am just introducing you to the Aye-aye, a primate found only on Madagascar. A surprising fact this weird looking animal is related to chimpanzees, apes and wait for it, humans. Aye-ayes have big eyes and equally big ears. They may be either dark brown or black.

They live in rain forests and move around during the night. Aye-ayes hunt for food by tapping with its long middle on tree barks then listen for insect larvae underneath. The same middle finger and scoop flesh from coconuts and other fruits.

In Madagascar, an aye-aye is bad luck and are killed when sighted. This has led to them becoming endangered and protected by law.

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