Weird Animals – Top 10 Bizarre African Animals

#5 –Dik-Dik

Weird Animals in Africa

Is this a deer or a baby goat? Nope it is a species of small antelopes called dik-dik. Dik-diks inhabit the savannas and bush lands of eastern and southern Africa. They have a dust-colored coat which makes them undetectable in the bush lands.

Their elongated snouts serve as AC units when they are very hot. Blood is pumped though the snout, then excessive panting and evaporation coos it. After this it is re-circulated in the body.

The females are the larger sex. Females make a dik-dik call to alarm others of predator. Their diet consists of foliage, leaves, fruits, shoots and berries. In turn they are food to animals like lions, hyenas, leopards and cheetahs. To help protect themselves, dik-diks have excellent eye sight and run very fast.

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