World’s Richest Black People – Top 10 Black Billionaires in 2017

10Mohammed Ibrahim

The color of your skin does not determine how much money you have in the bank. These 10 black billionaires, through hard work, built themselves multi-billion empires.

Read on to find out about the 10 richest black people in the world. Maybe learning a thing or two about them will help us as we lay the foundation for our own empires.

Mohammed Ibrahim

Net Worth: $1.14 billion

Nationality: British

Source of Wealth: Mobile Telecoms / Investments

Born in Sudan, of Nubian descent, Dr. Mohammed Ibrahim, now a British citizen built his fortune as an entrepreneur in the communication technology industry. He made use of his electrical engineering degrees working for a number of communications technology companies before he created Celtel.

In 2005, he sold Celtel in exchange for $3.5 billion. With his new found freedom, Ibrahim created Mo Ibrahim Foundation and the Mo Ibrahim Index to evaluate nations’ performance and to help reduce corruption in the governments of African countries. Dr. Ibrahim has contributed significantly to the transformation of Africa and is said to be the most powerful black man in Britain.

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