Most Beautiful Beaches in Africa – Top 10

10Elmina Beach, Ghana

With its coastlines washed by the Mediterranean Sea, Red Sea, Indian Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean the African continent offers some of the warmest beaches with the most beautiful coral reefs and marine life.

So if you are thinking about places to go for your next vacation, visit one of these beaches in Africa. Immerse yourself in the warm waters of the beaches and mild in the culture of the people.

If you are a lover of architecture, history, and beaches then traveling to Elmina Beach in Ghana will be an out of the body experience. The beach lies at the end of the town of Elmina. The Elmina Castle and other building that tell the stories of yesteryears line the beach.

Play around the in the surf before trekking sand in the castle and fort to explore its tragic history. Feel the sun beating down on you, smell the salty air of the beach and think about the experiences of those who once past through the buildings. Could life get any better?


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