About Us

 Our Mission

Our overall mission is to promote the beauty of Africa. When we launched in 2017 as an online magazine, we began showcasing the wonders of Africa through our written accounts of history and culture. Today, we use art

Simply put: Africa is the most beautiful place on Earth. It is the home of humanity and the modern civilisation. Sadly, most people will never realize just how great Africa is. 

We hope to bring you some of African's most brilliant sights in art form - whether that is the people, the views, the food or many of the majestic animals. 

We want you to be proud to be African, to be of African descent, to have visited Africa - or simply to love Africa. We sure do. 

From the Mediterranean Sea all the way down through the Mozambique Channel to the very tip of South Africa, we love everything about Africa and it's many culturally rich nations. We are passionate about the beautifully diverse African culture, it's animals, it's history, it's beautiful entertainers, sports teams, geography, business drive, current and future politics, and the many languages. Most importantly however, we are passionate about the future of Africa.

For each artwork we sell, we make a contribution to support African businesses via Village Enterprise. We aim to empower African entrepreneurs and believe that creating sustainable businesses and the ecosystem that comes from it is the best way to move the Continent forward. As the Continent with the youngest population, the future of Africa is bright. 

We love Africa and we love art. We hope you enjoy our African artworks and they bring you as much pride as they bring us. 


The Afrikanza Team