Most Beautiful Tanzanian Actresses - Top 10

Top 10 Most Beautiful Actresses in Tanzania

The beauties listed below are found in Swahilihood, Tanzania's movie industry, one of the fastest-growing movie industries in Africa. These women are not only beautiful, but they are also talented actresses who continue to work very hard to bring entertainment to Tanzanians

Mariam Ismail

The beautiful looks of Mariam Ismail made sure that she was on this list of the most beautiful actresses in Tanzania. In addition to her appearance, Ismail has a talent as an actress ensnares her audience. These excellent acting skills landed her roles in a number of movies produced in Swahili. Among these are Omega Confusion and the Return of the Mummy.

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Jennifer Kyaka

Tanzanian actress, film writer, and producer Jennifer Kyaka used her smile to enamor herself to Tanzanians when she first burst onto the acting scene in 2005. She is now a household name in Tanzania and is very in demand for acting roles. Her beauty and acting skills in movies such as Yatima, Unbroken Promise show among many others show us that she really deserves to be counted among the most beautiful actresses in Tanzania

Ivon Cheryl

The enchanting smile of Tanzanian actress, producer, scriptwriter, and director, caused the people of Tanzania to give her the name Monalisa. Her voice, when it is not coming through the television speakers assails the ears of Tanzanians from a nearby radio. Her beauty coupled with her lively personality and superb acting skills have won her many awards. Some of these include Best Actor 2010 and Best Actress 2012 by Baabkubwa magazine.

Irene Uwoya

How could we not put beauty pageant contestant turn actress on the list of the most beautiful actresses in Tanzania? Irene Uwoya went from the runway of beauty pageants to the big screen. Her beauty made it easy for her to become comfortable on the screen and her talent had casting directors calling her back time and time again. Through her career, she has appeared in over twenty Tanzanian movies. Some of her more popular movies include One Blood, Mid Night and Tanzanite

Zena Muhammed

She sings and she acts. This describes Tanzanian actress and singer Zena ‘Shilole’ Muhammed. When Shilole is not acting, she can be found dominating Tanzania’s airwaves with a voice that is as beautiful as her outward appearance. Her R&B, Zouk, Bongo Fleva music and her acting skills have made her one of the most loved females in Tanzania. Shilol continues to make a name for herself on the African music scene and Tanzania’s film industry, collecting awards and nominations as she goes along.

Aunt Ezekiel

Born to Tanzania footballer Ezekiel Greyson, Aunt Ezekiel is no stranger to the spotlight. It was of no surprise when she found herself at home behind the cameras of a movie director. She used her talent and her beauty to garner herself a very successful career in the film industry. She now rivals her father in popularity in Kenya. Some of the movies she has been featured in include, Lost Future, Last Step, and Prison Revenge.

Jacqueline Wolper

Jacqueline Wolper beautiful features allowed her to easily transform from being a model to an actress. She even went a step further to add producer to her resume. In 2007, she appeared in her first movie but it was the movie ‘Red Valentine na Family Tears’ that catapulted her to the front of the line and in the home of every Tanzanian. Since her start in 2007, Wolper has acted in over 20 Bongo movies. Some of her movies include Hard Price, My Princess, and Crazy Desire. Wolper also takes pride in showcasing her curves in the latest head-turning dresses.

Richia Adhia

Richa Adhia, a Tanzania actress of Indian descent had to be on the list of the most beautiful actresses in Tanzania. Adhia is the queen of all queens and she has the trophies to show. After completing her reign as Miss Earth Tanzania(2006), Miss Tanzania World(2007), and Miss India Tanzania (2010) Miss Richia Adhia made the successful transition to being an actress. She starred in the romantic film Zamora that copped the Special Jury Prize at the 2013 Khouribga African Film.

Wema Sepetu

Tanzania’s movie scene seems to be filled with beauty queens. Meet actress Wema Sepetu. She won the title of Miss Tanzania in 2006 and went on to represent her country in Miss World 2006 in Poland. She returned to Tanzania thereafter and made the switch to become an artist. Her beautiful features and personality saw her becoming even more popular in Tanzania. Avery recognized actress, she has worked with Van Cicker of Ghana in the movie Day After Death. Other notable movies include Point of No Return (2007) and Houseboy (2012).

Elizabeth Micheal

Eliabeth Micheal (Lulu) is the Tanzanian actress. She began her acting career at the age of five acting in television soap opera. During that time she honed her skills as an actress and has grown to become the most celebrated and one of the most beautiful actresses in Tanzania. She has acted in over thirty movies in Tanzania. More than just a beautiful face, Lulu added another profession to her resume when she produced her first film “Foolish Age” in 2013. Film enthusiasts nominated Foolish Age as their Favorite Movie at the 2014 Tanzania People's Choice Awards and she copped the award for Best Actress for her role in Foolish Age.