Top 10 Most Popular Girl Names in Sierra Leone

Girls Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone is a West African country that is predominantly English-speaking. It is a country that is a melting pot of indigenous, Portuguese, and Creole (Krio) cultural influences.

As such, both indigenous and non-indigenous names are common. In this article, we have tried as much as possible to find popular uniquely indigenous African girl names. Nonetheless, we have also included a few popular exotic names that have become indigenized.

10. Tenneh

Tenneh is a popular feminine name in West Africa, mostly Sierra Leone. It is a common name among the Vai people occupying territories in both Sierra Leon and Liberia.

Potentially, a person named Tenneh is creative and extroverted. She has a penchant for enjoying life to the limit. She is very optimistic and sees the positive side of things no matter how negative others seem to see things.

She is full of energy and exhibits a magnetic persona that attracts people towards her. She is artistic by nature and loves flourishing in the limelight. Ladies named Tenneh are motivated by inner desire to lead others. They are visionary and focus on the bigger picture rather than the finer details.

They are highly imaginative, affectionate, and desire to sacrifice for the sake of others. They prosper in challenging environments due to their highly adaptive nature.

9. Kadie

Though its origin is not particularly known, Kadie is one of those names that seems to have been indigenized from their English version, mostly by the Krio. Potentially, a person named Kadie is creative and outgoing.

She cherishes any opportunity to show her glamorous prowess. She is idealistic and highly intuitive. Kadie is motivated by the desire for self-concept. She does well in an environment that is refreshing and easily gets bored being in a stagnating environment.

8. Titi

Although Titi is used in Sierra Leone, it is a very common African name that can be found not only in Western Africa but also in Eastern and Southern Africa. However, the meanings may differ from region to region.

For example, while in Nigeria, the word means ‘flower’, in East African Swahili it means ‘breast’. Potentially, Titi is a brilliant character who has a strong sense of humor. She is highly creative and naturally an entertainer. She is honest, loyal, and radiant.

Titi is motivated by the desire to make others feel good. She endeavors to achieve this through creative entertainment and charitable service. She loves offering servant leadership through mentorship, counseling, and thought-leadership.

7. Georgieta

Georgieta is a popular female name in Sierra Leone. However, it is an indigenized exotic name of Roman origin. Thus, its meaning is basically Romanic.

Georgieta simply means ‘earth-worker’ Potentially, Georgieta is highly devoted to her cause and work. She can sacrifice all she is capable of just to achieve excellence and honor in her devoted cause or duty. She is someone who enjoys seeing the fruits of her success.

She is mission-driven, highly emotive, and abhors being tricked and lied about. She loves an honest endeavor and always wants to develop productive relationships with trustworthy persons. Georgieta is highly motivated towards the call of duty.

She always desires opportunities in which she can utilize her inner strengths of resilience, devotion, and goodwill towards the welfare of others. She flourishes in situations that grant her a high sense of responsibility. Though she likes modest adventure, she prefers stability and predictability.

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6. Mariatu

Mariatu simply means “one who is pure and innocent”. Potentially, Mariatu is a positive-minded person and authoritative. She is highly emotive, impulsive, and restless. She desires quick action.

Though, she is strong-willed and hence capable of being in full control of her emotions which makes her discreet, calm, and balanced. She is like a silent volcano actively boiling underground but not explosive enough to be visible on the earth's surface.

Yet, she still affords to be highly seductive and passionate. This often sways her off the moral path. Mariatu is motivated by being part of a highly explosive activity that requires vast reactions. She is a drama queen, though not overtly manifest.

She desires an environment where she is stirred up to release her burning emotions and vigorous ambitions. Thus, activities such as public protests, demonstrations, action-oriented dramas are what helps her inner combative energy to achieve her potential.

5. Adama

Adama simply means “queenly and beautiful”. Adama is predominantly a female name in Sierra Leone. However, in some other parts of West Africa, it is often used as a male name.

Potentially, Adama is a tender, sociable, and highly responsive to sentimental expressions. She is highly mobile and emotionally unstable. She is inertly seductive, charming, passionate, and dazzling.

She falls in love at first sight. Adama is motivated by the desire for elegance, glamour, beauty, and sense of nobility. She has a penchant for beautiful things, luxury, and jewelry.

She is a dreamer who desires thrilling and being thrilled. Due to her unstable emotions, she is hardly capable of maintaining a relationship for long. She is a girl always on an emotional rollercoaster.

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4. Aminata

Aminata simply means “good-mannered and trustworthy”. Though popularly used in Sierra Leone, it is not confined to its borders. It is common in Swahili-speaking countries of East Africa. Potentially, Aminata inspires confidence and trust.

As much as she is short-tempered and stubborn, she is honest, brave, energetic, and excitable. Though she is at times egoistic, eccentric and demanding, she is soft-hearted and considers other people's concerns on a priority basis.

Aminata is motivated by the desire for an environment that allows her to exchange ideas, be self-expressive, and inspire action. She tends to be charismatic. She can be a good spiritualist or politician.

3. Fatmata

Fatmata is a popular name in Sierra Leone and its neighborhoods. Potentially, Fatmata is gentle, hospitable, kind, and home-loving. She is a great social organizer and takes pride in her engagement in social activities.

Fatmata is motivated by high social status. She likes pursuing societal dreams that seem impossible. Due to social inclinations, Fatmata has high regard for social justice and endeavors to achieve the same for others.

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2. Fatou

Fatou is not only common in Sierra Leone but also its neighborhood. It simply means “Beloved by all”. Potentially, Fatou endeavors to be a big sister to others. She has strong humanistic instincts and strives to pursue the best of humanity.

She is compassionate and sensitive to the needs of others. Fatou is motivated by a sense of usefulness to others. She always desires to be a loyal and trustworthy leader.

1. Mariama

Mariama simply means “gift of God”. Potentially, Mariama has a good-natured personality, easy-going, and passionate love for people. Though, as a result of endeavoring to be cool-headed and loveable, she suppresses her emotional feelings and filters her thoughts so as not to hurt other people.

Mariama is motivated by the desire to be at peace with everyone around her. She desires altruism and a special place in everyone’s heart. Balance and harmony are what she aspires to experience in life.


All indigenous African girl names have their deep cultural and spiritual meaning. Babies are named based on the understanding of their potential to reflect the meaning of these names once they grow up. Sierra Leone has largely kept this tradition that seems to be wearing off quickly in some other parts of Africa.

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