Best African Entertainment Websites - Top 10

African Best Entertainment Website

Check out these entertainment websites to get the latest news in countries across Africa.

#10 – Sun News Online

Sun News is one of the leading newspapers in Nigeria. Sun News Online is the online version for tech-savvy Nigerians. The journalists of Sun News Online pride themselves on provides the best news in terms of politics, business, sports, and entertainment.

Its style of reporting keeps Nigerian nationals and other African Nationals coming back to get the latest updates. Its high traffic makes it one of the best African information and entertainment websites.

#9 – Modern Ghana

Modern Ghana is the newspaper for Ghanaians. Modern Ghana has news for just about anyone which makes it one the top entertainment websites in Africa. Ghanaians and other African nationals can easily get access to local Ghanaian news, sports, politics and other areas of general interest.

#8 – MWEB

MWEB appears to be just an internet provider but MWEB is more than that. MWEB Company, located in South Africa, provides e-commerce and number of other internet services such as hosting and domain registration.

Looking more closely, you will see that this site also provides the latest news in entertainment, finance, sports and current affairs. MWEB is also the playground of thousands of gamers.

Gamers and Africans who like to keep up the latest celeb gossip make it one of the best African entertainment websites.

#7 – Information Nigeria

Information Nigeria is one of the information and entertainment websites that continue to grow in Nigerian and Africa. If the national news is what you prefer to read, a simple visit to Information Nigeria will provide you with the latest information. If you prefer to find out which celebrity just got married, Information Nigeria is also one of the leading blogs in entertainment news.

#6 – Ghana Web

Ghana Web is one of the most popular websites in Ghana. It is the go-to website for information about Ghana’s culture, politics, sports and local news.

But of course, what keeps the viewers coming back is the comprehensive coverage of all things entertainment in Ghana. Ghana Web continues to grow and is currently one of the best information and entertainment website in Ghana.

#5 – Pulse Nigeria

Pulse Nigeria is an entertainment blog that is growing by leaps and bounds. Viewers flock to Pulse Nigeria to read up on local news, politics, business, and the tech world.

Get the latest in celebrity news, music, and movies. If beauty is your thing, visit Pulse Nigeria for the latest beauty tips and what’s in fashion. Its timely and accurate news in all the areas that matter make Pulse Nigeria one of the best information and entertainment website in Nigeria and Africa.

#4 – Bella Naija

Bella Naija is the entertainment website for all things hip, hot and hype in Nigeria and Africa. The founder, Uche Eze, helped to popularize blogging in Nigeria. Bella Naija’s growth and popularity led to Eze being named among the 30 Most Promising Young Entrepreneurs in Africa". Go to Bella Naija to get the most up to date news in Nigeria, entertainment, lifestyle and even weddings.

#3 – Vanguard Nigeria

In 1984, the very celebrated journalist, Mr. Sam Anuka, began Vanguard Media Limited. Vanguard Media Limited is the publisher of Vanguard Nigeria. After much fine-tuning and expansion, Vanguard Nigeria is one of the best entertainment websites in Nigeria, Africa.

The newspaper continues to deliver on its mission of “ providing high quality, reliable and affordable media products for promoting knowledge, political stability, and economic prosperity”.

#2 – Nairaland

Nairaland prides itself on collecting and presenting the best and most up-to-date news to Nigerians at home and abroad. The work of Nairaland’s editing team has made it one of the best entertainment sites on the continent.

This newspaper has an offering for just about every Nigerian. There is news on technology, romance, sports, finance etc. The frequent traffic the site gets tell us that Nigerians use Nairaland to keep posted on the latest local, economic and political news from out of Nigeria and Africa,

#1– Linda Ikeji

Linda Ikejo blog is without a doubt one of the biggest and most trafficked blog in Nigeria and Africa. The blog provides the latest gossip, entertainment, local news, sports and much more.

The founder of the blog, Linda Ikejo, has become a well respected and celebrated figure in Nigeria. Her widely successful blog has brought her much success and recognition.

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