Most Technologically Advanced Countries in Africa - Top 10

Kenya - Most Technologically Advanced Countries in Africa

Not many know this but the African continent has some of the most technologically advanced inventions/innovations in this world.

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Most Technologically Advanced African Countries

African countries like those listed below continue to improve on their infrastructures and create places to harness the creativity of programmers and innovators.

#10 - Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe has always been involved in research to improve the industries found within the country. However advancement is very slow. UNESCO, in 2012, ranked their innovative system as fragile.

The country has the potential to be one of the leading countries in innovation and technology in Africa but lacks human capital needed to organize its resources. Despite this, Zimbabwe has become one of the leading countries in biotechnology research in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Other technologically advanced projects in the country are a $12 million investment by a Malaysian electronics manufacturer to set up a factory to manufacture electronic gadgets and investments by China and India to set up digital satellite systems and telecommunications.

#9 - Uganda

Microsoft trains Uganda secondary girls in technology

In 2009, Uganda’s government implemented a National Science, Technology and Innovation Policy.

The aim of this policy is to use science and technology to make Uganda a more technologically advanced country. The President, in 2010, established a fund to improve laboratories, finance engineering and science undergraduate programs in order to promote innovation.

Uganda is becoming more technologically advanced as businesses and the government are starting to invest ICT sector. The government is encouraging the youths to innovate in the areas of agriculture, health and education.

In January 2016 construction began for Uganda’s own Center of Excellence in Biomedical Sciences. The aim of this COE is to facilitate research and to develop a very skilled workforce in biomedical sciences to meet EAC's labor market need.

#8 - Angola

As African countries are becoming more technologically advanced, the lack of skilled human resources continues to limit the development of the economy and society in Angola.

Programs in science and technology are increasing being introduced in Angolan universities. In August 2016, Angola Capital invested in Sphera Bluoshen S.A, a healthcare company, to develop healthcare technology.

Sphera previously launched an app that facilitates 24/7 consultation for pediatric and general medicine. Described as having a viable national innovation system in 2015, we can say things are really looking up for Angola.

#7 - Botswana

Botswana International University of Science and Technology

Botswana placed itself a head of the countries of the Southern African Development Community when it became the first country in this group to adopt a science and technology policy in 1998.

This country also has one the highest researcher densities in Sub-Saharan African. In 1979, The government developed the Botswana Technology Center.

This organization works with innovators and researchers to research, design and develop products in energy, environment, information and communication technology (ICT).

This organization developed a solar powered hearing aid and a method for bonding sand from the Kgalagadi desert to make construction blocks.

#6 - Rwanda

The 1994 genocide in Rwanda ceased development in the country for a decade. The country is now just working to rebuild infrastructure. Rwanda is looking to science and technology to rid itself of social ills like poverty and inadequate healthcare.

The first step on this path was the launch of a 4G LTE Broadband network. The network facilitates communication with Rwandans in every corner of the country.

#5 - Ghana

The fourth most technologically advanced country in Africa, Ghana was the first Sub-Saharan country to set up a cellular mobile network. Ghana is also one of the first African countries connect to the World Wide Web.

Ghana is the birthplace of Dr Ashietey Trebi – Ollennu and Mr. Freddie Green. Dr. Trebi-Ollennu is a renowned engineer and research scholar who, in 2008, received a NASA Exceptional Engineering Achievement Medal for his work in astronomy, specifically his contribution to Mars Exploration Rovers.

Freddie Green was the first person to use compressed gas to generate electricity. With innovators like these, in a few years, Ghana might just be at the top of this list.

#4 - Kenya

Kenya is getting the attention of the attention of the world as a tech hub with the inventions of entrepreneurs and developers. There is an increase in the number of research foundations developing around coffee, tea, medicine and its wildlife.

Persons have developed new technology to improve the lives of Kenyans. Among the many inventions in Kenya are the GSM-enabled remote camera, invented by Elijah Kupata and a charging shoe developed by Antony Mutua.

The GSM- enabled camera works like a CCTV. The only difference is that it streams in real time to smart phones. The charging show has thin crystal chip fitted in it which generates electricity to charge your phone as you walk.

#3 - Nigeria

Technicians work assembling computers at the Omatek factory.

With cellphone penetration at 68%, internet penetration at 33% and 25% of Nigeria’s population owning a smartphone, Nigeria is easily one of Africa’s most technologically advanced nations.

Companies like IBM and Google have created innovation hubs in Nigeria. Nigeria is the home of many ground breaking inventions and technology companies like Iroko Partners.

Nigerian Saheed Adepoju is the inventor of the INYE-1 & 2 tablet computers. Another Nigerian , Seyi Oyesola, co-invented CompactOR or the “Hospital in a Box”, a portable solar-powered life-saving operating room

#2 - Egypt

Egypt is where it all began so it is only fair that they are one of the most technologically advanced countries in Africa. Egyptian inventions range from the calendar and clocks to boats and ships. Yes, according to scholars, Egyptians were the first to employ water transportation to travel and fish.

Many service providers including Etisalat Misr, Mobinil, Orascom Telecom and Vodafone contribute to Egypt’s GDP. The technology sector in Egypt earns an estimated $635 billion yearly.

#1 - South Africa

South Africa happens be the home of the South African National Space Agency (SANSA). South Africa also has some of the best universities and ground breaking inventions in Africa advanced. Among the many innovations in South Africa is the Linux Ubantu.

Among the agencies set up to harness the talent of the citizens and to conduct research include the Technology Innovation Agency (TIA) and the Agriculture Research Council. TIA promotes the development and exploitation of discoveries and inventions. ARC conducts research and supports innovation.

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