10 Highest Mountains In Africa (List of Tallest African Peaks)

Simien Mountains Ethiopia

On the African continent lie plains, mountains, valleys, rivers, and desserts. According to an overview of the physical geography of Africa, most of the mountains were formed as a result of volcanic activities.

The mountains provide a home to both wildlife and humans. This list will provide you with information about the ten highest mountains in Africa.

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#10 - Mount Oku (3,011 meters)

mountain oku

Height in feet (US): 9,879

Do you find volcanoes scary? If you do, then this mountain is not for you. Mount Oku is a volcanic mountain found in Cameroon and is the second-highest in West Africa.

It is not the only one, but it is the largest volcano in the Oku Massif range. Locals however say that this mountain is not dangerous. It provides a very enjoyable hike with indigenous birds and the very beautiful Lake Oku to see on the way up.

#9 - Mount Meru (3,017 meters)

Mount Meru

Height in feet (US): 9,898

Here is another volcano. Mount Meru is a dormant stratovolcano found in Tanzania. It is the second-largest volcano in Tanzania.

Fun fact or should I say scary fact, Mount Meru had a minor eruption in 1910 which means that it can erupt at any time. The slopes of Mount Meru serve as a home to a variety of wildlife inclusive of birds, monkeys, and leopards.

#8 - Jabel Marra (3,042 meters)

Jebel Marra African Mountain

Height in feet (US): 9,980

The Jabel Marra is a long line of volcanic peaks located in Sudan. The highest peak in this range is the Deriba Caldera which rises to a height of 9,980 ft. Jebel Marra, Sudanese Arabic when translated to English means “woman mountains.” Locals say the range when viewed from the southeast resembles a reclining woman.

#7 - The Drakensberg (3,475 meters)

The Drakensberg

Height in feet (US): 11,400

The Drakensburg is the name of the portion of the Great Escarpment located in South Africa and Lesotho. Its highest peak, Thabana Ntlenyana, is located in Lesotho.

Thabana Ntlenyana when translated means little mountain which is quite ironic because it is the highest point in Lesotho and the highest mountain in South Africa.

What a lucky mountain, to be in two countries at the same time. The range, however, got its name from the Dutch and when translated means “Mountains of Dragons.”

#6 - Atlas Mountains (4,165 meters)


Height in feet (US): 13,671

The Atlas Mountains is a range of mountains in the Maghreb. This range stretches across not one, not two but three countries in North Africa. These countries are Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia.

Its highest range Jebel Toubhkal rises up to 4,165 meters or 13,671 ft and is found in Morocco. The Atlas Mountains are the habitats of plant and animal species such as Babary macaque and the Atlas Mountain badger which are indigenous to Africa.

#5 - Mount Elgon (4,321 meters) or 14,177ft

Mount Elgon Uganda

Height in feet (US): 14,177

Mount Elgon is another volcanic mountain located in Uganda and Kenya. We all can breathe a sigh of relief for this one as it is extinct. Wagagai, its highest point, is located within Uganda.

Mount Elgon intact caldera is one of the largest in the world. The caldera also has hot springs that make the journey to the top of the mountain worthwhile. The slopes of Mount Elgon are home to the Bantu-speaking Gishu people.

#4 - Simien Mountains (4,533 meters)

Simien Mountains Ethiopia

Height in feet (US): 14,930

The Simien Mountains are found in northern Ethiopia. They form a part of the Ethiopian Highlands. They are called the Simien Mountains but there are a whole lot of things going on up there. Plateaus, separated by valleys are found at the peaks.

The highest peak is Ras Dashen. The Simien Mountains are pretty special as they are a World Heritage Site. Ethiopian wolves, gelada, and caracal are few of the animals that call the Simien Mountains home. An interesting fact about the Simean Mountains is that snow regularly falls at the peak.

#3 - Mount Stanley (5,109 meters)

mount stanley Congo

Height in feet (US): 16,765

Mount Stanley is the highest mountain for both the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Uganda. At 5,109 m (16,765 ft) it is the third highest mountain in Africa and is so high that glaciers can be found at the top.

Apparently, there are no sunny days on this mountain as it is almost always covered in mists and experiences frequent rainfall accompanied by thunder and lightning. The mountain was named after Henry Morton Stanley, an explorer, who discovered it in 1888.

#2 - Mount Kenya (5,199 meters)

Mount Kenya African Mountains

Height in feet (US): 17,057

Did the country get its name from the mountain or did the mountain get its name from the country? Reaching up to 5,199 m (17, 057 ft), Mount Kenya is the highest mountain in Kenya and the second-highest in Africa.

The Batian peak is its highest peak. The answer to the very thought-provoking question asked, the Republic of Kenya got its name from Mount Kenya.

Mount Kenya, a stratovolcano, is covered in ice. This mountain serves as the life source for the Kikuyu, Maasai, and Embu peoples.

#1 - Mount Kilimanjaro (5,895 meters)

mt kilimanjaro

Height in feet (US): 19,341

The big, bad Mount Kilimanjaro is a dormant volcano with three volcanic cones with Kibo its highest peak. I know where I won’t be going. It rises up to 5,895 m (19, 341ft) making it the highest mountain in Tanzania and on the continent of Africa.

Despite having three volcanic cones and being a dormant volcano, many brave hearted people hike to the top of the mountain every year. It really is not that dangerous to hike though, the only deaths that occur on the mountain are due to acute mountain sickness and the rare freak storm.

So do not be afraid to take a hike up Mount Kilimanjaro, who knows you might just see me on the way up one day in the very far future.

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List of Highest Mountain Peaks in Africa

Rank Mountain Height (meters) Range Country
1 Kibo (Uhuru Pk) 5,895 Kilimanjaro Tanzania
2 Mount Kenya (Batian) 5,199 Mount Kenya Kenya
3 Mawenzi (Hans Meyer Pk) 5,148 Kilimanjaro Tanzania
4 Ngaliema / Mt Stanley (Margherita Pk) 5,109 Rwenzori DR Congo Uganda
4 Mount Kenya (Lenana) 4,985 Mount Kenya Kenya
4 Ngaliema / Mt Stanley (Savoia Pk) 4,977 Rwenzori Uganda
5 Duwoni / Mt Speke (Vittorio Emanuele Pk) 4,890 Rwenzori Uganda
6 Kiyanja / Mt Baker (Edward Pk) 4,844 Rwenzori Uganda
7 Mount Emin (sv) (Umberto Pk) 4,798 Rwenzori DR Congo
8 Mount Gessi (sv) (Iolanda Pk) 4,715 Rwenzori Uganda
8 Mount Luigi di Savoia (de) (Sella Pk) 4,627 Rwenzori Uganda
9 Mount Meru (Socialist Pk) 4,566 Mount Meru Tanzania
10 Ras Dashen 4,550 Semien Mountains Ethiopia
11 Karisimbi 4,507 Virunga Mountains DR Congo Rwanda
11 Ancua / Ankwa / Weynobar 4,462 Semien Mountains Ethiopia
12 Kidis Yared 4,453 Semien Mountains Ethiopia
13 Mikeno 4,437 Virunga Mountains DR Congo
14 Bwahit 4,437 Semien Mountains Ethiopia
15 Portal Peaks (Kihuma) 4,391 Rwenzori Uganda
16 Tullu Demtu 4,377 Bale Mountains Ethiopia
17 Mount Elgon (Wagagai) 4,321 Mount Elgon Uganda
17 Mount Elgon (Sudek) 4,302 Mount Elgon Kenya Uganda
18 Amba Farit 4,270 Kollo Massif Ethiopia
19 Abune Yosef / Guliba Amba 4,260 Lasta Massif Ethiopia
19 Ioll / Yoll 4,220 Kollo Massif Ethiopia
20 Bada 4,195 Arsi Mountains Ethiopia
21 Kaka / Kecha / Chiqe 4,193 Arsi Mountains Ethiopia
22 Jbel Toubkal 4,167 Toubkal Atlas Morocco
23 Muhavura 4,127 Virunga Mountains Rwanda Uganda
24 Hey / Hay 4,125 Semien Mountains Ethiopia
25 Guna 4,120 Guna Massif Ethiopia
26 Choqa / Choke / Birhan 4,100 Choqa Mountains Ethiopia
26 Ouanoukrim 4,088 Toubkal Atlas Morocco
27 Chilalo 4,071 Arsi Mountains Ethiopia
28 Mount Cameroon 4,070 Cameroon line Cameroon
29 Inatye 4,070 Semien Mountains Ethiopia
30 Ighil Mgoun 4,068 Central High Atlas Morocco
30 Weshema / Wasema 4,030 Bale Mountains Ethiopia
31 Oldoinyo Lesatima 4,001 Aberdare Range Kenya
32 Jebel n'Tarourt / Tifnout / Iferouane 3,996 Toubkal Atlas Morocco
33 Muggia 3,950 Lasta Massif Ethiopia
34 Dubbai 3,941 Tigray Mountains Ethiopia
34 Taska n’Zat 3,912 Toubkal Atlas Morocco
34 Aksouâl 3,903 Toubkal Atlas Morocco
35 Mount Kinangop 3,902 Aberdare Range Kenya
36 Cimbia 3,900 Kollo Massif Ethiopia
36 Anrhemer / Ingehmar 3,892 Toubkal Atlas Morocco
37 Ieciuol 3,840 Kollo Massif Ethiopia
37 Kawa / Caua / Lajo 3,830 Bale Mountains Ethiopia
37 Pt 3820 3,820 Kollo Massif Ethiopia
38 Jbel Tignousti 3,819 Central High Atlas Morocco
39 Filfo / Encuolo 3,805 Arsi Mountains Ethiopia
40 Kosso Amba 3,805 Lasta Massif Ethiopia
40 Jbel Ghat 3,781 Central High Atlas Morocco
41 Baylamtu / Gavsigivla 3,777 Lasta Massif Ethiopia
42 Ouaougoulzat (fr) 3,763 Central High Atlas Morocco
43 Somkaru 3,760 Bale Mountains Ethiopia
44 Abieri 3,750 Semien Mountains Ethiopia
45 Arin Ayachi 3,747 East High Atlas Morocco
46 Teide 3,718 Tenerife Canary Islands
47 Visoke / Bisoke 3,711 Virunga Mountains DR Congo Rwanda
48 Sarenga 3,700 Tigray Mountains Ethiopia
49 Woti / Uoti 3,700 Eastern Escarpment Ethiopia
49 Pt 3700 (Kulsa) 3,700 Arsi Mountains Ethiopia
50 Loolmalassin 3,682 Crater Highlands Tanzania
51 Biala 3,680 Lasta Massif Ethiopia
52 Azurki / Azourki 3,677 Central High Atlas Morocco
53 Pt 3645 3,645 Lasta Massif Ethiopia
54 Sabyinyo 3,634 Virunga Mountains Rwanda DR Congo Uganda
55 Mount Gurage / Guraghe 3,620 Gurage Mountains Ethiopia
55 Angour 3,616 Toubkal Atlas Morocco
56 Jbel Igdat 3,615 West High Atlas Morocco
57 Jbel n'Anghomar 3,609 Central High Atlas Morocco
57 Yegura / Amba Moka 3,605 Lasta Massif Ethiopia
58 Pt 3600 (Kitir) 3,600 Eastern Escarpment Ethiopia
59 Pt 3600 3,600 Lasta Massif Ethiopia
60 Bar Meda high point 3,580 Eastern Escarpment Ethiopia
61 Jbel Erdouz 3,579 West High Atlas Morocco
62 Mount Gugu 3,570 Mount Gugu Ethiopia
63 Gesh Megal 3,570 Gurage Mountains Ethiopia
64 Gughe 3,568 Balta Mountains Ethiopia
65 Megezez 3,565 Eastern Escarpment Ethiopia
65 Pt 3555 3,555 Lasta Massif Ethiopia
66 Jbel Tinergwet 3,551 West High Atlas Morocco
67 Amba Alagi 3,550 Tigray Mountains Ethiopia
68 Chemnirot (Kamelogon Pk) 3,530 Cherangani Hills Kenya
69 Gara Guda /Kara Gada 3,530 Salale Mountains Ethiopia
70 Amonewas 3,530 Choqa Mountains Ethiopia
71 Amedamit 3,530 Choqa Mountains Ethiopia
72 Igoudamene 3,519 Central High Atlas Morocco
72 Abuye Meda 3,505 Eastern Escarpment Ethiopia
73 Thabana Ntlenyana 3,482 Drakensberg Lesotho
74 Mont Mohi (fr) 3,480 Mitumba Mountains DR Congo
74 Gahinga 3,474 Virunga Mountains Uganda Rwanda
75 Nyiragongo 3,470 Virunga Mountains DR Congo