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Hey you, yes YOU.

Are you passionate about Africa? Good at writing web content? Are you a writer looking to expand you portfolio? A student in need of a writing internship? Good news! Afrikanza is always looking for talented and passionate writers. If you've got an article related to Africa that you think will captivate and inspire people, we'd love to hear about it. It doesn't have to be something revolutionary, that universities will line up to publish. It can also be something fun, thoughtful, and interesting. Which will leave our readers intrigued and informed. Honestly, writing for Afrikanza is not to be taken lightly. Our brand is one of passion, pride, and culture. We are committed to promoting the beauty of Africa to the world via the internet. Which is why your article needs to be at it's best; but don't worry our editors will help you get it there. Once your article is accepted to be published, you'll get feedback from our team and a lead editor will work closely on any necessary revisions. It may challenge you, but having your article published on Afrikanza is super rewarding. Thousands and hopefully one day, millions of people will read what you wrote. You can showcase your work to potential employers, clients, publishers, and professors (if you're a student). You're bound to learn a great deal in the process as well; not just writing skills, but communication, internet marketing, and not to mention the plethora of knowledge that comes with researching topics to write on.

What we’re looking for

Feel free to submit a rough draft, a partial draft, or even just your article pitch (a few paragraphs that paraphrase your article and how it will benefit our readers) along with the outline of your proposed work. The more detailed you submission, the easier you make it on us; and we'll be able to provide better feedback as well. If you're thinking of plagiarizing, don't even bother. We only accept 100% unique content, and we won't accept something that's been published elsewhere (that includes your personal blog). We will double check for uniqueness. Essentially, the article is solely for Afrikanza. For the love of Africa, please don't sent us cringe-worthy sales pitches or press releases. Ready to submit? Make sure you keep these things in mind beforehand. Your submission should:
  • Have a voice. Be interesting, be human! Be YOU.
  • Have the audience in mind. People who want to learn more about Africa.
  • Have citations to back up your arguments. Don't just force your own opinion on readers.
Here's how you accomplish producing a great submission:
  • Use captivating titles
  • All titles and sub-headlines should always be formatted in title case
  • – See what title case is all about in this Wiki article here – Use an online tool to help you:
  • Keep the introductions concise, short and snappy
  • Keep paragraphs short and easily digestible
  • Practice clarity throughout your article
  • Keep the audience in mind
  • Support what you say
  • Please do not claim anything without proof and/or backup!
  • Use a friendly, almost casual tone
  • Make the article fluid, and easily readable
  • Images should be no wider than 700px
Think you got the hang of the formatting? Great, here's the type of stuff we publish.

What we publish

We typically publish articles with a minimum of 800 words and usually no more than 2,500 words. Depends on what the subject at hand is really. Tone is casual in nature. We're looking for articles on all things related to Africa:
  • Lists (Good example)
  • How To's (Example article)
  • Reviews
  • Breaking news
  • Data-backed articles
  • Research
  • Perspective, opinion, and commentary
    • Argument for something
    • Response to something
Have something else in mind? Let us know, and we'll consider the value it brings to our audience.

How to submit (and what happens next)

You can e-mail your submission to us using . Our preferred types of documents are Word Doc and Google Docs. The benefit of Google Docs is that it's editor friendly and collaborative by nature. Feedback can be given fast and is tracked. So what happens once you hit send?
  • We review your article and determine whether its a good fit for the site.
  • If it's deemed to be a good fit, the editors will review and discuss further.
  • The requested changes, if any, will be communicated to you.
  • Once you take care of the feedback, you send back the revised article.
  • Our team will review and discuss once again. Decision will be made to accept or reject.
  • If accepted, an editor will work with you more closely on what, if anything, needs changing.
  • Your article will be scheduled for publication as soon as possible.
Have any questions on any of the above? Feel free to drop us a message using our Contact Form.