Most Influential African Women Entrepreneurs

10 Most Influential African Women

Our carefully curated list of the 10 most influential African women gives a glimpse of the state of womens affairs on the African continent.

Top 10 African Heroes You Need To Know About

10 African Heroes You Should Know About

These are the ten leaders who shaped the history of Africa. Many are proud to call them African heroes, and the world should get to know them.

Common Misconceptions People Have About Africa

24 Common Misconceptions About Africa

The western world has many misconceptions about Africa. Most of these are due to lack of information. We have highlighted the 25 most common of these misconceptions and factually debunked them. Read and get to learn more about Africa.

Greatest African Leaders

10 Greatest African Leaders Who Inspired Us

Countries in Africa have had good and bad leaders in their history. This list consists of ten of the greatest leaders that the continent has ever seen. Related: 10 African Heroes You Should Know About During their tenures, they fought for the freedom of their respective countries, they worked to boost the economy and improve the […]

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