Best Places For Surfing In Africa

Best Places for Surfing in Africa

It is no doubt that Africa provides an unforgettable surfing experience. The 10 best places for Surfing in Africa provides you with a starting point as you seek to explore more of Africa.

Top 10 Sports Athletes From Somalia

Top 10 Sports Athletes from Somalia

Somali sports activities continue to usher new top-rated athletes. We have created a list of the 10 ten athletes so that you can an opportunity to know them and appreciate their endeavors in bringing honor to their country.

Samuel Matete

10 Best Zambian Athletes

Zambia has had many great athletes, some who are still living legends. These are athletes across a number of sports such as boxing, football, tennis, and athletics. Here are ten among the many that Zambia has to offer.

Best National Football Teams in African History

Best National Football Teams in African History – Top 10 Most Successful

As early as the 1950s, Ghana had a national football team representing them in the international association of football. Governed by the Ghana Football Association, the oldest football association in Africa, the Ghana national football team is most popularly known as the Black Stars. They get their name from the Black Star of Africa in the Ghanaian flag.

Yaya Toure- Richest African Footballers Ever

Richest African Footballers Ever – Top 10

Ghanaian Suleyman Ali “Sulley” Muntari currently plays as a central midfielder for Italian club Pescara. At the age of 16, Munatri was already a part of the Ghana under-20 team. This team finished in second place at the 2001 FIFA World Youth Championship in Argentina, losing out to Argentina in the final. After this he joined the Italian team Udinese.

best athletes from mozambique

Best Athletes from Mozambique – Top 10

We took a look at the best athletes from Mozambique and compiled a list of the ten who made the biggest impact. Mozambique is a beautiful country, with a long coastline along the Indian Ocean, blessed with beautiful beaches like Tofo, and beautiful offshore marine parks.

Best Ethiopian Athletes

Best Ethiopian Athletes – Top 10 Across Different Sports

Ethiopians love sports and will only continue to produce better athletes as the foundations for the different sports get better and better in the country. Famous for long distance running, but as you’re about to find out in this article, Ethiopians succeed in many other sports as well!

Biggest Sport Stadiums In Africa

Biggest Sports Stadiums in Africa – Top 10

If you are a sports fan, then you might just like to know a little information about some of the biggest sports stadiums in Africa. They are home venues of a number of African football clubs and host a number of international matches annually.

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