1280px Adult Male Chimps In Mahale

Best Places to See Monkeys in Africa

A visit to one of the 10 Best Places to See Monkeys in Africa, as herein provided, is all you need to show your compassion to human’s closest relative by blood. Be part of saving monkeys by paying them homage.

Cities In Africa Known For Music

10 African Cities Known for Music

Music is the heartbeat of Africa. Here are ten African cities known for their music; a stepping stone for our exploration into this hearty bit of Africa.

Best Cities For Nightlife In Africa

10 African Cities With the Best Nightlife

Africa is a great place to enjoy your nightlife. Herein you will find the top African cities with the best nightlife plus their respective hot spots.

What Is African Food Like A Guide To African Cuisine

What is African Food Like?

What is fine dining like in Africa? Unmatched! It’s only in Africa that you’ll get the truly authentic African food experience. But we can give you an idea.

Best Places For Surfing In Africa

Best Places for Surfing in Africa

It is no doubt that Africa provides an unforgettable surfing experience. The 10 best places for Surfing in Africa provides you with a starting point as you seek to explore more of Africa.

Largest Cities In Africa And Their Projected Growth

10 Largest Cities in Africa

Africa is rising. No doubt A visit to any of the following largest cities in Africa will clearly explain the vibrant outlook on the future of the continent with the lowest median age. it. A visit to any of the top 10 largest cities in Africa will clearly prove it.

beautiful african islands

10 Must Visit Beautiful African Islands

Africa is not just blessed with ever smiling sun, clapping flora, and animated fauna. It is also blessed by the serenity of caressing waters along its island beaches. The 10 most beautiful beaches of Africa grants you an opportunity to have a memorable enjoyment.

Largest Animals In Africa Top 19

These Are the 10 Largest Animals in Africa

We put together a list of the ten largest animals in Africa. Some of them are in grave danger and even facing extinction unfortunately, learn more inside.

Common Misconceptions People Have About Africa

24 Common Misconceptions About Africa

The western world has many misconceptions about Africa. Most of these are due to lack of information. We have highlighted the 25 most common of these misconceptions and factually debunked them. Read and get to learn more about Africa.

Top 10 Beautiful Churches Mosques And Monasteries In Togo

Top 10 Beautiful Churches, Mosques and Monasteries in Togo

Togo is a deeply religious West African country with beautiful churches, mosques and temples. To appreciate Togolese culture requires an understanding of their religions. We have provided 10 beautiful churches and mosques for you to explore.

El Djem Amphitheatre

Top 10 Must See Places When Visiting Tunisia

Tunisia offers more than the soft sunny Mediterranean sand beaches. It has historical sites, Sahara Desert, and welcoming people. We have compiled the 10 places to see in Tunisia to help you plan your visit

Victoria Falls

Top 10 Must See Places When Visiting Zimbabwe

From Victoria Falls to the pools of Northern Zimbabwe, there are many natural and man-made Africa tourist spots that can be found in Zimbabwe, a country also known as the jewel of Africa. Here are ten that will amaze you.

Most Beautiful Holy Places In Malawi

10 Most Beautiful Holy Places in Malawi

Beautiful churches are not only in the papacy or in Europe. There are some impressive religious structures in Malawi. We have presented ten beautiful churches, mosques, missions and temples for your reading pleasure.


Must See Places When Visiting Egypt – Top 10

Remember that life is not the amount of breaths you take but the moments that take your breath away. Live life and take that trip to Egypt. Do not forget to send me a postcard.  A Postcard? Do people still send postcards?

Cathedral Church of Christ, Lagos

Most Beautiful Churches in Nigeria – Top 7

Nigeria is the most populated country in Africa. It has over 182 million people. The Nigerian people are very religious and spend a lot of time visiting churches or other places of worship to pray. There are a lot of churches in Nigeria. The country saw a significant growth in places to worship over the past 20 years also. There are churches representing Roman Catholic, Protestant, Eastern orthodox, as well as other Christian types.

Best African Cities Towns Most Beautiful Cities In Africa

Best African Cities & Towns – 25 Most Beautiful Cities in Africa

Lagos is said to be Nigeria’s largest and richest city. Lagos was the capital of Nigeria up until 1972. Today Lagos is a very bustling city that is home to a number of large corporations. Actors and musicians who want to make it in the music or film industry usually journey to this city.

Watamu - The 10 Most Beautiful Beaches in Africa

Most Beautiful Beaches in Africa – Top 10

They say Sidi Bou Said is a tourist trap but its beach could keep me ransom any day. The calm blue water of the Mediterranean bordered by the whitest of sands is known for its beauty worldwide.

Nairobi Kenya

Cleanest African Cities (No Littering!)

Waste disposal is a problem that many countries face. These eleven African countries are working hard to ensure that they have the cleanest cities in Africa.

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