Top 10 Most Popular Boy Names in Benin

Benin Boys Names

Benin is a West African country with a rich culture. Naming a child is such an important cultural and spiritual event.

All names have a meaning. We are going to explore the top-10 most popular African boy names in Benin and their respective meanings.

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10. Degbueyi

Degbueyi simply means “keep to yourself”. Potentially, Debuayi is highly responsible, balanced and loving. He is devoted to activities that project compassion for humanity.

He works with and for the most vulnerable members of the society including children, the aged, the disabled, the poor, the underprivileged, and the disadvantaged.

He is one who endeavors to work for charity causes. He exhibits a high sense of empathy, concern, generosity, kindness, and high degree of emotional intelligence.

Degbueyi is motivated by being in an environment where he is capable of serving and helping others. He cherishes moments that he is able to carry out humanitarian undertakings.

He yearns for the power to be able to make a significant contribution to the betterment of the world. He has a worldly outlook characterized by a pragmatic approach to doing things.

He desires to exploit his inert reverend leadership abilities, thought leadership, superior foresight and transcendental vision.

9. Adaze

Adaze simply means “a noble man”. Potentially, Adaze is capable of taking up senior executive and leadership positions.

He manifests a high level of originality and creativity when it comes to problem-solving. He also exhibits a high level of initiative and thus action-oriented. He is more inclined towards bigger picture than finer details.

He is confident, independent and self-reliant. Although he has inner desire to reach out to people, he always prefers to be left alone.

Adaze is motivated by being in an environment in which he is an independent observer of other people’s activities rather than participating in them.

He likes moments of being alone and away from distractions so as to reflect, analyze and understand what is going around in his world.

8. Uteteh

Uteteh simply means “mountain-top” Potentially, Uteteh reaches the highest level of thoughts. He has great analytical and introspection abilities. He has a high level of observation and deep understanding.

He is a thought leader who establishes an authority in his line of thought. He has a penchant ability to search for hidden truth and greater wisdom. When it comes to motivation, Uteteh is more like Asemota.

He desires to engage in highly orderly, methodical and systematic engagements. He is adept at a bureaucratic militaristic system where ritualistic tradition is honored.

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7. Asemote

Asemote simply means “God has answered my case”. Potentially, is a mediator and peacemaker. He is more like Azagba. Nonetheless, compared to Azagba, he is more of an outstanding facilitator.

He is keen on reading people's finer details which enables him to flawlessly handle and organize people. He is very courteous, considerate and cooperative. Asemote is motivated by an excellent organization.

He is an honest, sincere and very conscientious person with extremely deliberate intents. He always desires to be methodical and systematic in his endeavors.

He is one who sets and follows orderly, ritualistic pattern of doing things. He is more conservative and traditional. He is not comfortable with disruptive innovations as they quickly ruffle him off-balance.

He is a person who loves order and thus would be more adept to hierarchical and bureaucratic command system, such as that in the military order.

6. Agidigbi

Agidigbi simply means “a stout and muscular man”. Potentially, Agidigbi is more like Omunuwa. He is a go-getter, multi-talented and multi-skilled. However, he has more masculine motivations compared to Omunuwa.

Agidigbi is motivated by power. He wants to direct and lead others. He wants space to operate independently without supervision. He is ever looking for opportunities to prove his masculine prowess and get recognized for it.

He is focused on the bigger picture of things and less inclined towards finer details. He is very ambitious, self-driven, and overly determined. He is success-oriented.

5. Omonuwa

Omonuwa simply means “child of wealth”. Potentially, Omonuwa is a go-getter. He is a person who is multi-talented and multi-skilled. He is good at exploring all possible avenues to sell his talents and skills. He is extremely optimistic and enthusiastic about life.

He has very high imaginative and presentation skills which he blends well with his conversational abilities to effectively communicate, persuade and attain his goals. He is good at motivating, inspiring and raising the spirit of those around him.

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4. Omoruyi

Omoruyi simply means "a child is a respect that one earns". It serves as a reminder to parents of the need to be respectful to others so that they can beget a respectable child. This respect is associated power, fame, and material things such as money.

Potentially, Omoruyi is a high achiever with strong administrative and managerial capabilities.

He as a great grasp of what it takes to be wealthy. Unlike Amadin who is an idealist, Omoruyi is a practical realist who applies sound judgment in every situation and circumstance and takes control for own benefit.

Omoruyi is primarily motivated by the desire to feel appreciated. He is highly diplomatic and works hard to build strong interpersonal relationships. He is a team builder exhibiting high levels of emotional intelligence.

3. Oziegbe

Oziegbe simply means “he who is patient”. Potentially, Oziegbe is a problem-solver who has a deeper understanding of others and their situations such as to be sympathetic, kind and generous.

He loves being open and honest in his relationship with others. He doesn’t give up easily and would rather wait when a relationship turns sour than give up on it. Oziegbe is motivated by the high level of reflection.

Thus, he loves moments of solitude where he can retreat to being alone to recollect himself. It is during this period of solitude that Oziegbe studies, analyze and gain a deeper idealistic understanding of issues surrounding him.

Unlike Omoruyi, Oziegba is more withdrawn and laid back. He is more comfortable with playing second fiddle. He has great desire to use his mind rather than physique. Thus, he prefers being in an environment that is more tolerant of his reserve energy.

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2. Azagba

Azagba simply means “born out of town”. Potentially, Azagba is destined to be a mediator and peacemaker. He is a peace builder who loves working with others in partnership.

He is modest and very comfortable working without desiring publicity for his accomplishments. Team-playing, diplomacy and appreciating the feelings of others are a part of his gentle mien.

He doesn’t get disturbed when others take recognition for his achievements. Azagba’s primary motivation is to actively participate in social life and build a large network of friends.

He is emotionally intelligent characterized by an upbeat attitude that hardly gets discouraged. He desires to express himself through word skills such as songs, speaking, writing and acting. He loves using the power of words to inspire others.

1. Amadin

Amadin or simply Amadi is a popular name in Benin. It simply means ‘if you are not brave you cannot exist in this world’. Thus it is a reminder to the boy-child in particular and men in general that a place for weak men does not exist on this earth.

It extols the virtues of brave men such as productive and bountiful life. Potentially, Amadin is a person who has inherent concern for the betterment of the community and is inclined to help those in need by acting in ways that bring harmony, peace, and comfort.

Amadin’s primary motivation is towards sharing idealistic concepts with the rest of humanity. As such, Amadin dreams of a perfect utopian world. Religion and spirituality are his yearnings.


African boy names are not just mere labels. They have deep spiritual meaning. They communicate the nature and character expected of their holders.

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