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10 Most Famous African Tribes (The Original Africans)

Rich with traditions that survived thousands of years, these African tribes are an explorers dream

Most Famous African Tribes To Know

Africa is home to an abundance of magnificent tribes that are rich in culture, ethnicity, and brimming with history. African tribes have individual senses of traditions and customs, which make every tribe unlike another.

Ahead, we choose and look at ten of the most famous African tribes.

Africa has seen a great deal of progression in the former two millennia, however the influence African tribes possess is insurmountable. Being the effigy of strength, true character, and courage, African tribes still stand as tall as ever.

A look at most popular African tribes

Compiled below is a list of the the most famous as well as intriguing tribes from Africa.


Zulu African Tribe
A Zulu Wedding

The natives of Zulu coin themselves to be “the people of the heavens,” and rightly so. People of this tribe wear casual outfits; the Zulu in comparison to other tribes have a modern outlook and lifestyle.

During special occasions, however, Zulu embrace cultural attire and put on clothes representing tradition. One of the most famous in Africa, Zulu, is a South African tribe encompassing more than 10 million people just in the place of KwaZulu-Natal.

The language spoken by the Zulu is known as “IsiZulu;” this tribe transformed into a great kingdom during the turn of the 19th century. A notable concept of the Zulu called “Ubuntu,” which means unity and togetherness, originates here.

This philosophy of union and staying strong is what makes Zulu stand apart and be top on our list.


Written by Ramanpreet Kaur